Stockton PD Officer Jimmy Inn Murdered In Cold Blood

 May 15, 2021

Domestic violence calls are some of the most dangerous calls for officers to respond to. The situation has so many different variables, and officers never know which one they will get.

Domestic Violence Call

Stockton Dispatch Center received a 911 call for a domestic disturbance at 9:45 a.m. According to KOVR, the reporting party stated that they could hear screaming.

Her shirt was ripped, and she was bleeding. The caller said it appeared that she had been assaulted. Officers sent to the scene arrived at 10:07 a.m.

Officer Jimmy Inn, 30, was the first to arrive on the scene. He approached the home and knocked on the security gate, and waited out front, standing to the side of the door.

Shots Fired

Someone inside the residence said, "Hey Police." The door opened and a man shot Officer Inn multiple times.

Officer Pancho Freer was pulling up to the scene while the situation was unfolding. According to Freer, he saw the man standing over Inn holding a gun. Freer fired shots at the man.

The suspect, Lance Lowe, 30, fired shots at Freer's patrol car. Lowe went back into the home and came out holding an 8-year-old boy in a chokehold. He would not comply with the officer's directions.

Civilian Assistance

According to authorities, a resident jumped in and tackled Lowe. This action gave Freer the opportunity to fire at the suspect without injuring the boy.

Officer Inn was taken to the hospital. He died there of his injuries. The suspect was also taken to the hospital for his injuries. However, he died as well. The boy was also examined and released.

β€œHe gave the ultimate sacrifice, and he came to work every day, putting his life on the line for strangers he’d never met β€” coming to work to protect members of our community, knowing it’s a dangerous job and knowing that going to disturbance calls are extremely dangerous.

Chief Jones

Inn leaves behind his wife, a fellow police officer, and three children, 14, 12, and seven months.

Trying to Protect the Community

Officer Inn gave his all to protect his community, ultimately sacrificing his life while he was trying help save someone else.

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22 comments on “Stockton PD Officer Jimmy Inn Murdered In Cold Blood”

  1. R I P Officer Inn. may you be with our LORD. Thank you for your service and supreme sacrifice for others.

  2. This is the same state that has determined that they should allow many thousands of dangerous inmates to be paroled soon, RIGHT???? Who the HELL is crazy,,,,,the inmates or the damned fool that wants to release the criminals???

  3. My Heart breaks for his wife and children, this happens so often and all we hear are how bad the Police are in so many cases. This young office gave all for the people in the house and what thanks does the police get in return, none. My heart goes out to this Officers Family, may God Bless The Family always.

  4. I guess there was no social worker! My thoughts and prayers are with the family. This is really sad and the Demonrats could care less!

    1. YEAH! What happened to THAT???
      THANK GOD no social worker was sent, however! They would be STUPID to comply, anyway!

  5. Yes please refund the police in California, Washington, Oregon, Michigan, New York, and new Jersey. As you dumb people ALLOW your governor's to release more murderous felons, rapist, child molesters from prison, DO NOT call on the rest of the nation to save you. I would you arm yourselves to the teeth and prepare for more of what this story is about.
    You want open borders and prisons and remove any semblance of order, you will need plenty of grave sites for your loved ones.
    I'm amazed, just how dumb, stupid and blind can you people be.
    Now if your not for refunding the police, California, New York, you have recalls in place. Get that scumbag governor Cuomo and Newsom out of office and put some one in who actually gives a damn about the people.

  6. My heart BREAKS every time I read about another officer losing his or hers life , Life cut short, leaving orphaned children and spouse !
    It has to STOP or we will become a barbaric country without law, order and No Life/no future COURTESY of our dementia stricken America hating president and his anti-American handles !

  7. Praise God for Officer Inn and police like him. It's too bad he was killed. My prayer is for his wife and children. May God bless them.

  8. What a Horror Story! When I read what happened to Officer Inn, it seemed my blood dropped in my body. and Then Officer Freer arrived and had to act within this insanity. My prayers go out for Officer Freer, for Officer Inn's wife and children and for the little boy who was involved in the incident, held by his neck. He will never be the same. I will continue to pray for all Law Enforcement Officers that they make it home safely and well at the end of each day. I Hate what all Officers must go through because of certain group's attitudes towards Cops. They are too ignorant to realize just what and Who they have on their side to keep them safely.


  10. May he rest in peace
    May God be with his family at this time I am deeply sorry for the loss of your husband and father
    You need to get Justice do not allow this man do not allow this man who shot your husband get away with freedom he deserves to be put away for 25 years plus
    If it was the other way around today your husband would have been sent for life if I'm not correct so please get Justice as well as closure for you
    God bless you and your family

  11. Terrible! Will the perpetrators receive the punishment they deserve? God will take care of them later!

    So terribly sorry for his family and friends./

  12. I believe that our Law Enforcement Officers need to have greater latitude when responding to a possible violent situation. Criminals and domestic terrorists have declared war on our Police Officers, it's time for all of US to declare war on them!

  13. All of this hate is Media driven they are focused to have the black community hate white people especially the white Christian Police Officer.

  14. This is horrible! We once talked to a couple who said they were part of a group who planned to create fake calls to the police to entice them to answer the calls then shoot them. I turned all the info over to the police in the city where they lived. Don’t know whatever happened to them.

  15. Officer Inn is with our Lord. My heartfelt prayers to the family of this brave LEO. R.I.P
    You people of CA have that American hating lowlife Newsom to thank for releasing literally thousands and thousands of criminals. Even some from death row. I hope Scott Peterson wasn't one.

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