Suspect Allegedly Bites Off Portion Of Police Officer’s Finger During Arrest

 February 7, 2024

In an alarming turn of events, a Denver police officer tragically lost a part of his finger during a scuffle that ensued while apprehending a suspect.

In a disturbing confrontation, a Denver police officer was left missing a portion of his finger after Tyron Brooks allegedly bit it off during an arrest.

In the quiet streets behind the Pioneer Bar, a scene unfolded that would leave an indelible mark on the Denver Police Department. It was here, in an alley on South University Boulevard, that officers encountered 48-year-old Tyron Brooks in a state of agitation.

Brooks, who appeared to be menacing over a woman, also reacted violently when officers attempted intervention. His erratic shouts filled the air, creating a tense atmosphere that signaled trouble.

The woman, visibly upset and crying, was seemingly at the mercy of Brooks' irate outbursts. As officers tried to extract her from the situation, Brooks' unpredictable behavior escalated, leading to a grave occurrence.

A Fight for Safety and a Grave Outcome

Denver police's effort to protect the woman and subdue Brooks took a horrifying turn when Brooks acted with shocking violence. As they struggled to handcuff him, Brooks, determined to resist, managed to bite off the finger of one of the officers involved in the ground scuffle.

In a detailed account provided by the Denver Police Department, it was reported that Brooks forcefully bit through the officer's left ring finger, detaching it from the last knuckle. This act of aggression was shocking and displayed a disdain for the law enforcement officers who were merely performing their duty.

Brooks was eventually subdued and arrested, but the incident left a mark of violence that is hard to forget. The injured officer, whose identity remains protected, was treated and has since been released from the hospital. This incident is a grim reminder of the unpredictable dangers officers face daily.

Charges Faced and a Community in Disbelief

Following the altercation, Tyron Brooks was taken into custody, facing serious charges. These include a second-degree assault on a police officer, a grave felony that underscores the severity of his actions. Moreover, it was unearthed that Brooks had two outstanding warrants, one for extortion and another for obstructing police.

This confrontation has shocked the community and highlighted the courage and risks associated with law enforcement. Officers put their lives on the line to ensure public safety, sometimes facing unpredictable and dangerous situations that can result in personal harm.

The resilience of first responders, who continue to fulfill their duties with unwavering dedication despite such adverse circumstances, is truly commendable. This incident serves as a somber reminder of the sacrifices made by those who wear the badge.


The incident in Denver wherein an officer lost part of his finger during an arrest underscores the unpredictable and often dangerous nature of law enforcement work. Tyron Brooks' violent resistance to arrest resulted in severe injury to an officer and his subsequent arrest on serious charges. This event is a stark reminder of the risks faced by police officers and their unwavering commitment to protecting the community, even when faced with life-threatening situations.

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