The Legend Of Korea War Veteran, San Francisco Cop Dave Toschi

 July 28, 2021

San Francisco Officer Dave Toschi didn't look like someone who had spent time serving in Korea, especially as he sat at his desk at the SFPD sporting a bow tie. He did not just serve with any division in Korea.

Toschi was assigned to the 24th Infantry Division, a unit that was incredibly battle-worn. They faced a Korean invasion with zero backup, held the Pusan Perimeter, and moved the Chinese back to the 38th Parallel.

Toschi was a member of that amazing team, though he is better known for his time with the San Francisco Police Department.

With The SFPD

As soon as Toschi left the military, he immediately joined the San Francisco Police Department ranks. His look gained a lot of media attention. He rocked ties, suits, and trench coats.

But he really made his mark with the work he did to clean up the city. In 1966, Toschi worked in homicide.

Three years later, he began investigating the murder of a cab driver, Paul Stine. Stine had picked up a fare who wanted to go from Geary Street to Maple Street. Instead, the passenger took out a gunshot Stine, took his keys, wallet, and part of his now bloody shirt.

It was a puzzling situation. However, three days later, a note was sent to the San Fransico Chronicle with the missing piece of Stine's shirt from the Zodiac killer.

Extensive Investigation

Toschi investigated between 2,000 and 5,000 people when he was trying to find the Zodiac killer. Unfortunately, the killer was not found.

Toschi retired in 1985 after leaving homicide in 1978. The main suspect in the case was always U.S. Navy Veteran and a schoolteacher, Arthur Leigh Allen. The Zodiac has seven victims, but in reality, he had as many as 37.

Toschi once said to the Chronicle, " Why didn't we get this guy? I ended up with a bleeding ulcer over this case. It still haunts me. It always will."

Other Cases

In the nine years Toschi worked the case, he could never find evidence to try Allen. However, Toschi did bring down the "Death Angels," who killed white people.

They killed over 15 people but may have been involved in at least 73. The killings were called the "Zebra Murders," causing panic in San Francisco while still trying to come back from the Zodiac.

Toschi and his team took down the people responsible. However, for him, it was always all about the Zodiac.

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