Nearly 100 San Francisco Police To Be Terminated For Resisting Vaccine Mandate

 October 25, 2021

In San Francisco, almost 100 police officers have been put on leave for not complying with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Officers had until 11:59 p.m. on October 13th to give the city proof of either partial or full vaccination.

Not Following The Mandate

If an officer had one shot and still needed their second, they had until November 12th to become fully vaccinated. Again, though, losing their job was not a surprise. Officers were given many warnings from the city.

“I had to think about our workforce, I had to think about the public, and what I was subjecting the public to, and it was important for me to make sure that we set an example with our workforce."

San Francisco Mayor London Breed

The 99 officers were placed on leave for non-compliance. Forty of them did not get the shot at all, while the remaining 59 were already on leave but will remain there unless they choose to get vaccinated before their leave is up.

Being placed on leave is the first step to firing the officers. According to KNTV, the SFPD has 2,100 officers within its ranks.

Officers Association Support

The San Francisco Police Officers Association President Tony Montoya said in a statement that the city's "rush to terminate officers" will negatively affect the overall safety of the city.

“The city has botched and bungled this process from the beginning, first approving all religious exemption requests and then demanding a do-over to reject every religious exemption request. You simply can’t make this incompetence up. San Francisco is experiencing a shooting and retail theft epidemic and fewer officers will only make things worse.”

Tony Montoya

Unfortunately, this type of sweeping decision-making will not help protect the citizens of San Francisco. All it will do is leave one very busy cities police force stretched very thin.

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37 comments on “Nearly 100 San Francisco Police To Be Terminated For Resisting Vaccine Mandate”

  1. Stupid Leftist Bastards are decimating the very people who they would want to protect them, leaving only the ones who are bitterly opposed to their tyrannical whims healthy, but angry and desperate due to their being deprived of income.

    1. Might be a "good thing" as angry, and desperate people MIGHT start standing up, and finally take BACK our country from the FRAUDULENTLY 'deep state elected" chinese communist, bought and owned CONTROLLABLE "puppets", and their "deep state" communist "handlers" that are hell-bent on destroying this country.

    2. The über rich have armed private security and don't need the police. The very poor have their ballots harvested by the minions of the über rich. That way, nothing will change, decent cops will leave, while imbeciles like Biden's admiral of public health will be hired as cops and move up the ranks. Jerk offs like CA governor Gavin Noisome will always be elected thanks to this unique Democrat system. The governor always rubber stamps the crass idiocy ground out by the Marxist fools and layabouts in the Assembly, who are elected by the same quaint vote gathering fashion.

      1. Bowser: Probably the response of the day! Well said - presented with eloquence, clarity and no small amount of honesty. "Admiral of Public Health", while likely not intended to do so, put me on the floor! (I'm a cheap date...) Thanks, Bowser.

    3. They are trying to destroy our police forces! They already said they want a federal police force ( aka: NATO)! They were talking about letting or trying to bring in NATO police force to disarm our citizens. They are doing this to achieve their goals of total control of the citizens. Obama's "energy czar", made the statement:" he wanted the US fuel prices more like 3rd world countries. They are now doing what they planned all along!

    4. This brings to mind that quote from the movie, G I Jane. " Ohh, you like pissed-off. Watch this".
      I stand beside our first responders. As far as the politicians. They can go fuck themselves, instead of us for a change.
      I would run into a burning building to help a firefighter, 10 times over. Before I would let a Democratic politician know that he is about to be hit by a bus. But I would make sure that the bus driver was ok.

  2. As it has become more and more apparent that the vaccination was a moneymaker and doesn’t work, indeed it it dangerous to too many people. The government is hiding the side effects and the numbers of deaths due to the vaccine!! They don’t have to show that it doesn’t work, they just have boosters more and more frequently.
    As to the money making? Big pharma has solved the problem by stopping the manufacture of what DOES work. This is sad because some people need that drug for other health problems. I know of at least two people on my street that do.

    1. This is not a vaccination! This a poisonous vaccine and a vaccination works to eradicate a disease and you do not have to get another shot 6 months later to boost the first 2 shots, remember when you were a kid and got your vaccination . you didn’t have to go get another one you were good with just that 1 and only shot! I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HECK THIS CRAP IS BUT THEY JUST WANT TO KEEP PUMPING IT INTO OUR BODIES UNTIL WE DIE!!!!!!!

    1. As I have said before. Stock up on guns, ammo & all different kinds of weapons. Learn how to use whatever is around you as a weapon. Learn all you can about the human body in regards to booby-traps & guerrilla-warfare. Learn, Learn, Learn. Make your brain you're best weapon for survival. Count on YOURSELF first for protection, and society second.
      I say all of this because. When the democrats house of cards comes tumbling down, it's going to be a shit-storm for a while. They are going to take as many down with them as they can. They believe that if they can't have it (power, money, position), then nobody can.

  3. FRAUDULENT "won" elections have consequences, as well as ILLEGALLY "mandated" DEADLY POISON "JABS" that will eventually KILL the people receiving these DNA,GENE, IMMUNE SYSTEM ALTERING "DEATH JABS".
    These officers are wise to refuse to become "participants" in the "new world order", "great reset" population control scheme. Better to be poor and ALIVE, than to get the "jab" and end up infecting people around you (spike protein shedding" and "variants" before they too expire from the "side effects of the "JAB".)

    1. Every one needs to tell.the city especially first rexponders take your vaccine and shove it up.your ass.i will not takecit let all first responders boycott for 1 entire day no calls mo emt no police for 24 hours see how fadt they change when thete is an accident or a shooter killing people and first rezponders say TOUGH SHIT DIE HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE TO THE HEADS OF THESE CITIED ZND THETE FAMILIES

  4. I used to enjoy visiting San Francisco frequently. It has now become a much less than desirable place. Between the crime, the derelicts and general tenor of the city I would no longer even consider a visit.

  5. WTH; people that received the shots are dying with Covid as well. This is a farce. GOD only knows what in these shots!!!! Isn't it bad enough that these officers "RISK THEIR LIVES DOING TYHEIR JOB"? Hitler would be so proud of these fools terminating the POLICE.....

  6. I have no sympathy for the people in SanFrancisco, and California, in general. They elect these leftists fools into political office who have repeatedly demonstrated a lack of common sense, which proves that the majority of voters also have no common sense. It is true representation of the people: fools being represented by fools.

    1. The saying is true, "We get what we vote for", but unfortunately those of us with common sense who didn't vote for this insanity will suffer along with the idiots who did!!
      As for the Biden's and Pelosi, they were so stupid, they didn't realize the Chinese, Russians, and the Ucrainians they got so much money from would demand they pay up!! Or, that maybe better than we having to believe they are TRAITORS!!

    2. From all that I have heard from some friends and family in California, they haven't had an honest election in at least a decade. The democrats are cheating to elect themselves. Until such time as they do the work to clean up the voter rolls and remove the illegal immigrants voting ability, the dems will hold power there.

  7. I guess that's one way to rid the city of it's police force, and ask some idiot to perform the policemen's duty to protect and serve it's citizens!!

  8. Getting rid of POLICE is to get their new FEDERAL POLICE !!! Ran and directed by the new SOCIALIST MARXIST GOVERNMENT to come!!!

  9. Violence, theft, shortages of goods and services are a few of the problems these mandates are causing. Mayor should wake up and support its city. Mandates are not the answer. Stopping the vaccine is.

  10. Citizens just have to exercise their 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms to protect their families, their property and themselves from harm. THat is their right as Americans.

  11. Bottom line to me is we need more police and fewer politicians. We need (& the majority of us want) law enforcement... just look at events in our country as we speak. Politicians have shown us exactly why we must have term limits. And secure elections! Blessings to all in law enforcement and other first responders.

  12. There are "confidentiality" laws between patient and doctor (eg. Griswold v. Conn holding that the right to privacy is in the Bill of Rights) Also, the mandate appears to violate the rights of some people whose religious beliefs prohibit them from receiving vaccinations.

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