Nearly 100 San Francisco Police To Be Terminated For Resisting Vaccine Mandate

In San Francisco, almost 100 police officers have been put on leave for not complying with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Officers had until 11:59 p.m. on October 13th to give the city proof of either partial or full vaccination.

Not Following The Mandate

If an officer had one shot and still needed their second, they had until November 12th to become fully vaccinated. Again, though, losing their job was not a surprise. Officers were given many warnings from the city.

“I had to think about our workforce, I had to think about the public, and what I was subjecting the public to, and it was important for me to make sure that we set an example with our workforce."

San Francisco Mayor London Breed

The 99 officers were placed on leave for non-compliance. Forty of them did not get the shot at all, while the remaining 59 were already on leave but will remain there unless they choose to get vaccinated before their leave is up.

Being placed on leave is the first step to firing the officers. According to KNTV, the SFPD has 2,100 officers within its ranks.

Officers Association Support

The San Francisco Police Officers Association President Tony Montoya said in a statement that the city's "rush to terminate officers" will negatively affect the overall safety of the city.

“The city has botched and bungled this process from the beginning, first approving all religious exemption requests and then demanding a do-over to reject every religious exemption request. You simply can’t make this incompetence up. San Francisco is experiencing a shooting and retail theft epidemic and fewer officers will only make things worse.”

Tony Montoya

Unfortunately, this type of sweeping decision-making will not help protect the citizens of San Francisco. All it will do is leave one very busy cities police force stretched very thin.

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