North Beach Restaurant Refuses To Serve 3 Police Officers In Uniform, You Won't Believe Why

 December 6, 2021

Imagine being so triggered by the presence of a firearm that you refuse service to a public servant willing to put their life on the line for you. Can't do it? Neither can we... but if it were to happen, San Francisco would be the place.

Therefore, it's no surprise that three San Francisco police officers were refused service at a restaurant in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood on Friday. The reason? Staff felt "uncomfortable with the presence of their multiple weapons."

According to San Francisco Police Department spokesperson, the three Officers were in full uniform and armed when they attempted to enter for lunch. The Officers were told they would not be served because the staff was uncomfortable with their weaponry.

The San Francisco Police Officers Association tweeted a statement, saying "this is both shocking and disturbing... In addition to refusing service for carrying their sidearms as they are authorized to do under San Francisco law, the officers were told that management sought extra assurance from the San Franicisco police department. This request was simply beyond belief."

While not surprising, this is an appalling situation brought about by the total lack of education about firearms. Not to mention, the total disregard for the men and women who are trained to use them in the line of duty while keeping our communities safe.

What do you think, are these staff members justified in their fear of armed Police Officers? Lets us know in the comments.

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97 comments on “North Beach Restaurant Refuses To Serve 3 Police Officers In Uniform, You Won't Believe Why”

    1. 100% AGREE
      OTHER THAN THEM BEING IDIOTS, I wouldn't set foot in that place because if something were to happen that needed police involvement, those morons wouldn't let the cops in.

  1. The police carry firearms to protect themselves while upholding the law to protect us. Those employees of that restaurant are idiots.

      1. globalist puppets; demonrats and rinos rely more on voter fraud to appoint/reappoint them than they rely on legal votes .

  2. In the future these people who were frightened by the police officer weapons, if they find their homes are being violently broken into, they should NOT call 911 or the police. They should call the suicide prevention hotline.

  3. The staff would probably faint if they knew how many people actually have conceal and carry and were in the restaurant at any given time. They are safer with the cops.

  4. Aren't the police required to wear their guns as part of uniform? This is for their protection as well as the people that own the businesses & shop there. If the restaurant was being robbed & employees threatened, I bet they would be praying the police would do something. Come on people start being grownups again & not sheep just being stupid.

    1. Anti-gun mentality , forget about concealed carry , nothing but IDIOTS ,get their names stop any responce if they need any.

    2. Yes, they are. As had to be explained to several schools in Witchita, KS that requested that school resource officers not carry their weapons at the schools. they were informed that the weapon is part of the uniform so the schools could accept armed officers or the officers could be pulled out.

  5. Stupidity running rapid especially in California where the retain a proven lier and Fear Monger Governor!

    1. Even if the police arrest anyone for a crime, whether is minor or major, there is a revolving door policy. Shoot someone and get booked then get released to do it again. Where is the deterrence? I read somewhere that a bank robber was arrested, booked and released. He then robbed 3 or 4 more banks. How smart are these liberals? They have no common sense whatsoever.

  6. They should probably build a never mind it's not worth the effort don't you freaking idiots if I was a criminal I know where I'd go to get some fast money cuz they don't want cops there so what a bunch of dumbasses

  7. If the employees are uncomfortable with the Police wearing their REQUIRED weapons, then let them defend themselves. Thank you to all Police 👮‍♂️, Fireman/women👨‍🚒 and ALL THOSE WHO SERVE THE PUBLIC. Even an ungrateful one.

  8. I think the staff names addresses and phone numbers should by given to SF police to make sure there is not response to ANY request for service from any of them.

  9. Bunch of snowflake dipsticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the place is robbed, police should not respond, after all, they are armed!!

  10. San Fransico is the place that this would happen, but watch if someone were to try to rob the place they would then blame the Police for not protecting them!

  11. I think they are crazy and I would boycott the place and i would encourage others to boycott also When they get robbed remember and don't go in the place. you just can't fix stupid

    1. You Can't Fix Stupid@ but + funding to planned parenthood criminal organization is a good starting point, those libby snow flake sheep can cure their own mental illness .

  12. Name the restaurant. People should be aware and not patronize an establishment who does something like this. If a 911. Call comes from that address, do you think the employees would be comfortable if the Police showed up to confront armed robbers and the police are not armed. I don’t think so.

  13. Don’t go to any north beach restaurants in San Francisco. The people there voted Piglosi in and that says a lot for the city. Too liberal and they will pay the price of more crime

    1. I just Googled that restaurant & the first thing I saw was a bunch of articles where the restaurant was "apologizing" for it's actions. SORRY PEOPLE APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED... If you and your people are that STUPID, then you don't deserve to be in business. Shut you're doors, slink away and hope like hell that you never need help from the police. If that were burning, I would pass out marsh-mellows to the cops and firefighters.

      1. Being stuid is no reason for their action. Close the resturant down stop all employes from getting assistance.

  14. JUSTIFICATION, needs not to be "considered", as no one has any idea about another person's fears. Bottom line, comes down to businesses need to follow the law. In this case, law enforcement does, and is allowed to open carry. Guaranteed if the restaurant was being armed robbed, they sure would want armed police to come to their defense. This sounds like a lame excuse for anti-police folks. On a side note, I was shocked while visiting in San Francisco in the early '90s and a large sign was at the front door :

  15. Well we alreasy know the mentaily of Californians so this is not surprising. If they get a call from that establishment dont respond

  16. The police should honor the request of the restaurant. In the future, if the restaurant is robbed, the police should not respond, citing the restaurant's request for officers to stay away.

  17. Until you have a personal experience with law enforcement anyplace in America, then you won't be saying anything nice about cops if you live thru the experience

    1. The cops have both busted me when I was wrong, and then later saved my life. They do that job because they WANT TO. Not because of the boat-loads of money that the job pays (cough cough). There is no way that I could do their job. Not with all the crap they have to go through and put up with. They are in a war-zone every minute of every day, weather on or off duty. Some nut-case is liable to burn down their house with their family in it, just because they know that a cop lives there.

    2. You are an idiot. If you don't break the law then you won't have to interact with the LEO's. Hope you don't ever need them. Of course, no one has ever accused anyone in SF of being smart. You can tell that by the jerks (Pelosi, Newsome, the SF DaA they elect. You deserve what you are reaping.

  18. Next time useless newsome releases more prisoners let the LEO's release them at that establishment then drive away.

  19. This is "woke tard" behavior.(Invented by the rainbow flag crowd of San Francisco) It's senseless. It's lawless. It's perverted. It's mean spirited. It's caused by "feelings of inferiority". paranoia and delusional thoughts. Being out of touch with reality. Being unfair, unjust. Being self entitled and thinking the world revolves around them and their agendas. Desperately trying to turn "wrong" into "right".

  20. I read all of the responses and totally agree with everyone. Every time I see something like this I don't even have to look to find out what part of the country it came from. I feel sorry for the FEW people who live there amongst all the SNOWFLAKES and DUMB asses in that State. 🤦‍♂️

  21. My first thought was that if the restaurant was being robbed or some problem that needed police action then the police should not respond. But then my second thought was that no matter how much I deplore the action of of the restaurant I would not lower myself to their atrocious level by not responding. There could be families with children dining in there. And I would let everyone I know about how the restaurant treated the officers and encourage people not to patronize the business. And I would never go there when out of uniform.

  22. Shame on these idiots.llll. The freaking nonsense from the idiot leaders….

    God bless the police…. Seriously it isn’t a Christian feeling but don’t protect people who don’t have your back……

  23. Forest Gump - in CA - San Francisco - “…stupid is as stupid does…”. And there’s a lot of stupid in CA. Name the restaurant and boycott them into closing up permanently.

  24. A perfect example of small, underdeveloped minds. Thoughts so shallow it's hard for a normal person to comprehend their line of thought.

  25. A bunch of They need to grow up and act like adults. I fear for this generation if they do not engage their brains with the real world, today. WHAT on earth will their own children be like????? Cannot believe they actually live such constricted, fearfull lives. Too bad for them.

  26. Name the roach and rat infested establishment. ALL AMERICANS STAY AWAY. PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS.
    They must have graduated from Snowflake University or The University of Stupid

  27. Identify owners. Unite with emergency services and utility workers. NO RESPONSE TO 911, LET THEM DIE. CUT POWER AND WATER REGULARLY. MAKE THEM SUFFER.

  28. Guess they had better not ever have any need for police to come to their business to help them. Might be a long wait. California's reputation for having stupid people is verified again.

  29. Google the owners, two aging hippies. Sure they apologized after they face a mountain of criticism and a call to boycott the restaurant which was going to affect the bottom line. And by the way, the apology in my opinion was not sincere. Hope to read in six months this dump has closed down. SF is one of the few places could these two losers could open a restaurant

  30. How much more ignorant can people get, pure stupidity . I guarantee you that if someone came in here and stuck a gun to their head to rob them, they would be delighted for those police to be there.

  31. The police presents could deter potential robbers. And police being there during a robbery in progress works out better than after the fact.

  32. The name of the restaurant is Hilda & Jesse, I guess in hindsight they thought it wasn't such a good idea to refuse service to these Officers as they are now 'apologizing' online. Too Little Too Late if you ask me!!!
    PURE IGNORANCE is what it was and IS,,,Karma will come back and Bite Them in the Butt. Hopefully their business will fall in the crapper because of this.

  33. The Police Department should establish a total police ban of this establishment! Don’t answer any calls for robbery, assault, fire or ambulance service to assure thier continued “comfort” in thier own ignorance and bigotry!

  34. The police need to walk slowly to this restaurant if it is being robbed or any other complaint. These people deserve no service but would complain, moan and groan and probably sue if the cops don't show up. Liberalism equals mental illness.

  35. The police officers should be welcomed, even if they are wearing a full dressed uniform. It is not right to be so discriminatory! People should face facts….we cannot live as a Civil Society without Police!

  36. I'm reminded of the lines from the Kipling poem, 'Tommy': "It's Tommy this, and Tommy that, and throw him out, the brute, But it's "Thin red line of 'eroes when the guns begin to shoot." If something were to happen at that restaurant, they would be the first screaming about the lack of police response. Granted, there are SOME bad cops, but the MAJORITY of the officers are responsible men and women who perform under tremendous stress in a job that doesn't seem to be appreciated until they are not there in an instant.

  37. I hope they never need the police again, I hope they grow up and quit being idiots
    They are the takers but not govers

  38. Such refusal of service should be illegal. The city should be able to close any establishment that does that.

  39. I guess that would almost be an invite to some bad, evil dude carrying a gun to go in and rob the place. They know for sure no one has any defense against robbery, assault, or being shot!!!! If I were police I would make a list and cross them off the "PROTECT AND SERVE LIST". YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN BUDDY!! CALL A LIBERAL, SNOWFLAKE, TO COME HIT THEM WITH THEIR PURSE!! That is the stupidest, most moronic, dumb, brainless thing a business could do! A police officer would give his life to do what it takes to save a person in trouble! Are these idiots that stupid ???

  40. I am not surprised. It is typical California liberal idiots who do not know what great country they live in. They should have to go live in a communist country like China.

  41. All you need to know , is they are a brainwashed " WOKE STATE", that should tell you everything?. Commonsense ,if there ever was any, went down the toilet with their tiny brains!!

  42. Here's an idea. When this establishment calls 911. Law enforcement does not show up because they are armed and not allowed to be armed in that establishment. Let them defend themselves. Then let's see if they decide to sue San Francisco because they didn't show up? That seems logical to me.

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