North Beach Restaurant Refuses To Serve 3 Police Officers In Uniform, You Won't Believe Why

Imagine being so triggered by the presence of a firearm that you refuse service to a public servant willing to put their life on the line for you. Can't do it? Neither can we... but if it were to happen, San Francisco would be the place.

Therefore, it's no surprise that three San Francisco police officers were refused service at a restaurant in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood on Friday. The reason? Staff felt "uncomfortable with the presence of their multiple weapons."

According to San Francisco Police Department spokesperson, the three Officers were in full uniform and armed when they attempted to enter for lunch. The Officers were told they would not be served because the staff was uncomfortable with their weaponry.

The San Francisco Police Officers Association tweeted a statement, saying "this is both shocking and disturbing... In addition to refusing service for carrying their sidearms as they are authorized to do under San Francisco law, the officers were told that management sought extra assurance from the San Franicisco police department. This request was simply beyond belief."

While not surprising, this is an appalling situation brought about by the total lack of education about firearms. Not to mention, the total disregard for the men and women who are trained to use them in the line of duty while keeping our communities safe.

What do you think, are these staff members justified in their fear of armed Police Officers? Lets us know in the comments.

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