Mayor Who Defunded The Police Now Vows Aggressive Crime Crackdown

In a hilarious yet idiotic turn, the San Francisco Mayor has vowed t crack down on crime. But... only 1 year ago, this same progressive defunded the local police department by $120 MILLION.

“What I am proposing today and what I will be proposing in the future will make a lot of people uncomfortable and I don’t care,” she continued, sounding frustrated. “And we are past the point where what we see is even remotely acceptable.”


Wait, she just now realizes that in order to keep a city safe, you may have to offend people?!

All jokes aside, this is a serious issue. Public officials like San Francisco mayor London Breed have spent the last several years catering to a small, loud group of anti-police activists. Yet when they get down to brass tacks, they realize what you and I have known all along: we need the sheepdogs to stand against the wolves.

San Francisco is battling an insane crime surge and unless they get their act together soon and re-fund the Police department, the city will descend even further into the depths of depravity.

Check out this video from an LAPD detective as he weighs in on the California "merry-go-round" crime surge response.

What do you think, is it too late or can this far-left progressive city dig itself out? Let us know in the comments.

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