Trooper Keenan Jones Saves College Student's Life and develops an Unlikely Friendship

 January 12, 2024

Trooper Keenan Jones is being called a hero by many, and for good reason. He saved the life of Jake Bosacker, a college student who was out drinking with friends one night.

Unfortunately, Jake made the selfish choice to drink and drive after leaving his friends. Trooper Jones responded to reports of an erratic driver and pulled Jake over.

Jake, a criminal justice major and aspiring police officer, hit rock bottom as Trooper Jones pulled him over. Jake even expressed that since his dreams of becoming a cop were over, maybe he should end his life.

Fortunately, Trooper Jones knew how to handle the situation. Like most Law Enforcement Officers his goal each shift was to serve and protect.

“[Jones] comforted me and he said that my life isn’t over, and that there might be some work that needs to be done, but the journey can start tonight,... I don’t remember specific words that he told me, but I just remember how he made me feel.”

The two have now formed an unlikely friendship, and Trooper Jones is grateful for the chance to save Jake.

“A lot of us have made mistakes, we’re not perfect,... The biggest thing is if you make a mistake, try to do better, not be that same person that you were at that time of that mistake.”

What an amazing story of friendship and saving lives. We can all learn a lot from Trooper Keenan Jones. Thank you for your service!


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11 comments on “Trooper Keenan Jones Saves College Student's Life and develops an Unlikely Friendship”

  1. Keenan Jone is a winner all the way. I hope he is an inspiration to the young student. We all make mistakes as he so rightly pointed out. Now, what do you do about them?

  2. The anti Law enforcement element in this Nation would like to have us believe that most of our law enforcement officers are biased racists that should be avoided if at all possible! We may have a very few officers that fail to do their job properly but a very high percentage of them are like Trooper Jones! They accept that job known they will receive little appreciation for doing a difficult and dangerous job while often times earning less than they should be paid! They should be paid better! Where would we get the money for that without raising taxes? From the salaries of politicians of course!

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