Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Killed In Line Of Duty

 February 3, 2024

A devastating event unfolded on a Florida highway, claiming the life of a dedicated trooper.

Florida Highway Patrol trooper Zachary Fink met a tragic end during a high-speed chase on Interstate 95, a somber reflection of the perils faced by first responders.

The incident occurred early Friday morning when Trooper Fink, in a valiant effort to uphold the law, engaged in pursuit of a felony suspect.

The chase led to an unfortunate collision with a semi-truck, resulting in fatal consequences not only for Trooper Fink but also for the truck's driver. This sequence of events underscores the unpredictable and hazardous nature of law enforcement duties.

Dave Kerner, executive director of the Florida Highway Patrol, expressed the collective sorrow of the law enforcement community.

He remarked on the inherent dangers of the profession, emphasizing the unwavering commitment of officers to protect and serve, often at great personal risk.

A life dedicated to service

"Florida Highway Patrol Mourns the Loss of Trooper Zachary Fink Who Died in the Line of Duty," declared the department in a heartfelt social media statement, Fox News reported.

This announcement not only conveyed the profound loss felt by the FHP community but also honored the memory of a trooper who dedicated his career to public safety.

Trooper Fink, a recent graduate of the 146th recruit class in December 2020, had been assigned to Troop L in Port St. Lucie. His commitment to law enforcement was not just a career but a calling, one that he fulfilled with honor and dedication until his untimely demise.

The pursuit that led to this tragic event began with an attempt to halt a Kia driver speeding excessively. The situation escalated when the suspect made a U-turn, driving in the wrong direction, prompting Trooper Fink to follow in a bid to protect the public. His actions, though heroic, led to a fatal collision that extinguished two lives.

Remembering a hero lost too soon

FHP Colonel Gary Howze II, in his statement, paid tribute to Trooper Fink's bravery and selflessness. He highlighted the sacrifices made by first responders, acknowledging the daily risks they take to ensure the safety of the community.

Colonel Howze II's words resonate with those who knew Trooper Fink personally and professionally. They paint a picture of a man whose life's mission was to serve and protect, a mission he carried out with unwavering dedication.

Governor Ron DeSantis also extended his condolences, recognizing Trooper Fink's ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. His message of support to the Fink family and the broader law enforcement community underscores the state's appreciation for those who wear the badge.


The tragic loss of Trooper Zachary Fink serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by law enforcement officers daily.

His dedication to public safety, from the pursuit of a speeding felon to the moment of his tragic accident, exemplifies the courage and commitment of those who serve in law enforcement.

Trooper Fink's legacy, marked by his passion for helping others and his heroic actions in the line of duty, will continue to inspire future generations of first responders.

Our thoughts are with his family, fiancée, and the entire Florida Highway Patrol community during this difficult time.

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