Trooper Rescues Child From Frigid Pond - Captured On Bodycam

 January 19, 2024

In a dramatic display of bravery, a Vermont state trooper plunged into icy waters to save a young girl's life. This heart-stopping rescue unfolded in the town of Cambridge, Vermont, capturing the essence of heroism and selflessness exemplified by our first responders.

A Vermont state trooper's courageous act saved an 8-year-old girl who had been submerged in an icy pond for minutes.

The incident occurred on Dec. 17, a day that will be long remembered for its chilling circumstances and the valor shown. It began with two sisters, the youngest of whom fell into a pond while playing on thin ice. The pond on private property became the site of an unforeseen tragedy.

Desperate Moments Lead to Swift Action

The girls' ordeal was first confronted by an 80-year-old homeowner. Displaying remarkable courage, the elderly individual managed to rescue the younger girl. However, the 8-year-old remained trapped in the frigid grasp of the pond's icy waters, prompting a desperate call to 911.

Responding with commendable speed, Trooper Michelle Archer arrived at the scene in under five minutes. Equipped with a rope and flotation device, she dove into the icy pond, determined to save the young girl.

Her efforts were caught on bodycam footage, showcasing the harsh reality and the imminent danger of the situation. Trooper Archer's swift and decisive action in the face of peril highlights the extraordinary commitment of our state's first responders.

Rescue Through Teamwork and Tenacity

Upon reaching the struggling child, Trooper Archer employed her training and strength to bring the girl to safety. The bodycam footage captured this tense moment, reflecting a blend of urgency and professionalism.

The rescue was collaborative, with Trooper Keith Cote playing a crucial role. Upon the girl's retrieval from the icy waters, Trooper Cote carried her to a waiting ambulance. This team effort underscores the importance of cooperation and quick thinking in critical situations.

The girl was rushed to a hospital, where, against all odds, she made a full recovery from injuries initially feared to be life-threatening. This outcome is a testament to our emergency services' swift and skilled response.

A Display of Heroism and Humanity

After her courageous act, Trooper Archer managed to change into warm clothes, fortunately requiring no medical attention. Her well-being in the aftermath of such a harrowing event is a relief to us all.

The homeowner, along with Troopers Archer and Cote, have been recognized for their selfless, heroic conduct. They have been recommended for the agency’s Lifesaving Award, a fitting tribute to their bravery and quick action.

The weather conditions on that day, with temperatures hovering above the freezing mark, added an extra layer of danger to the already perilous situation. Yet, the resolve of those involved remained unshaken.

Commending Bravery in the Face of Adversity

“She’s making noise, can you grab her .. just bring her closer,” Archer is heard telling Trooper Keith Cote through heavy breathing as she brings the whimpering girl to the snowy shore.

These words, spoken amid a life-saving act, highlight the dedication and humanity at the core of our first responders' mission. They remind us of the bravery that often goes unnoticed in the daily lives of these heroes.

This incident underscores the dangers of thin ice and highlights the extraordinary bravery of those who serve to protect and save lives. Their actions are a beacon of hope and a reminder of the selfless service exhibited by our first responders.

  • A Vermont state trooper heroically saved an 8-year-old girl from an icy pond.
  • The rescue was a collaborative effort with significant contributions from Trooper Keith Cote and an 80-year-old homeowner.
  • The troopers and the homeowner have been recommended for the agency’s Lifesaving Award.
  • The girl, initially in a critical condition, made a full recovery thanks to the quick response and skilled care.

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