US Border Patrol Saves Two Preschool-Age Girls Dropped 14-Feet From Border Wall And Left Alone By Smugglers

By Ethan Cole on
 April 2, 2021

Over the last couple of weeks, the U.S. borders have been inundated with migrants attempting to gain access to the United States. Each area of the wall has had a different experience.

Some areas have an influx of single adults being smuggled in and placed in stash houses. Other areas have seen a rise in women and children flooding into border facilities, turning themselves in to border patrol agents.

New Mexico Border

According to law enforcement officials in Texas, two small children were found at the St. Teresa, New Mexico section of the wall.

Smugglers were caught on video, dropping 3-year old and 5-year-old little girls over the top of the wall. One smuggler climbed to the top of the wall, lowered the child down about arm's length, and let go.

From the top of the wall to the ground, it is a 14-foot drop. The second smuggler hands the other little girl to the smuggler on the wall. He proceeds to drop her over the edge, leaving them alone and struggling to get up off the ground. In the footage, you can clearly see the girls have no idea what to do next.

“This video shows the real cruelty of these smugglers,” the official stated. “They have no feelings about the humanity of these people. They are just ‘cargo’ to them.”

Source: YouTube

Nightfall Setting in

It was around 7 p.m., and the section of the wall had rugged terrain that would be difficult for an adult to traverse, much less a child. It was late in the day, and nightfall would be coming soon.

The children were checked out by medical professionals and released into border patrol custody. They are now waiting for placement.

In a statement, Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez said, “I’m appalled by the way these smugglers viciously dropped innocent children from a 14-foot border barrier last night. If not for the vigilance of our Agents using mobile technology, these two tender-aged siblings would have been exposed to the harsh elements of desert environment for hours.”

Necessary Watch

Patrolling the border is incredibly controversial. Many Americans do not see why it is needed. These little girls show exactly why we need to have agents patrolling the borders.

If no one had been watching the "mobile technology" these little girls would have likely died. They are alive today, thanks to the watchful eye of border patrol.

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27 comments on “US Border Patrol Saves Two Preschool-Age Girls Dropped 14-Feet From Border Wall And Left Alone By Smugglers”

  1. I am glad the article said, " They are alive today, thanks to the watchful eye of border patrol," and not the watchful eye of Biden and Harris, who by the way are not watching.

    1. Tells alot about hispanic parents that turn their babies over to smugglers.......They just don't care about the lives of their own children........That is what happens with these hispanic here in the USA, they do not care about human life..........their own children or the legal citizens that live here.

      Thanks to JB and the rest of the Demorat politicians.

    2. The next day the two girls were shown, in matching dresses, at a facility. Looked just fine. Yes, the Border Patrol is doing all they can, no thanks to Kamala, who'd rather be in Michigan, thrilling bakery employees as she picks up a treat. So glad she's no longer my senator (even worse than Barbara "call me senator, general" Boxer). I'm sure Willie Brown misses her.

  2. Just normal action brought to you by the treacherous biden "presidential administration". Stand by, more to come.....

  3. Dictator Biden & Vice Dictator Harris could care less about things like this. They are hard at work kissing their puppet masters bottoms to keep them happy.

    1. Larryl: I pray to GOD you are right but the stupid voters of this Great Country can't see to the end of their noses. They will just keep on voiting for these political devels.

    2. Oh no, saying SURGE will upset AOC. She has recently corrected us that these immigrant children can not be "insurgents". In her feeble mind they are the same thing. I'd better be careful, a journalist disagreed with her recently, and was visited by the police for threatening her. Let's see if my making a comment critical of her brings a knock on my door.

  4. To compare and contrast
    Look at the facts and tell me which is better
    A wall which prevented all, but, two illegals over the order
    A senile old man missing 90% of his marbles, sitting At a table being his own,
    Congress. Is that legal, inviting and encouraging thousands of llegals to cross the border.?

  5. This is awful to watch and we should condemn our Constitutional officers who allow, nay encourage, this behavior.

  6. It looks like joey's policies are working great!
    Welcome all,be you underaged, terrorist, racist,or murderer.
    Apparently the democrats love them all!

  7. This is Biden's fault, had he kept in place the same thing Trump set up this wouldn't have happened. I hope you can sleep well at night Mr. Biden...NOT!!

    1. But the Dems say it's all Trump's fault. They really believe if they something, everyone will believe it. They must have gone to the Schiff school of B.S.

  8. What are the parents thinking to send their children to an unsure future in this way. What kind of parent would do this?

  9. If their Mother was part of allowing them to be tossed over a wall, she should not get the kids back. Same with the tiny ones who walk up alone. If they care so little for their kids, they should tell them, "you won't get them back in America." Go home and we will give them back. Otherwise they go up for adoption. How dare they take ANY chance with their children's lives!!!

    1. Adoption? far 20K children have arrived at the border.....WE have enough LEGAL children here in the USA that are waiting to be adopted.

  10. Enough is enough the border has been pay for by Trump administration let’s finished to end the brutality of president binden administration I don’t think he knows what he is doing by accepting all those crossings the border with no legal papers he is allowing people from all over the world to abandon their children regardless of the consequences any parents that abandon a child to the mercy of contraband’s don’t deserve anything but punishment a child is not an object it’s a human. been that can’t defend him self and don’t even know what is going on, shame to all those people allowing this to happen when they died they will dance with the devil 👿 Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and all the Democratic Party

  11. Whos children are these criminals kidnaping and dumping into the USA ? Where are the parents ? The left are ok with this ? lot more questions

  12. Putting these kids in danger, and the people who do this is making money. What is Biden thinking.

  13. This man is trashing our country. Treason charge him NOW. Get him out of the there before he
    sells this country, God help us.

  14. Dictators with no regard for human life - liberals have struck again !!! What is it going to take for the American people to realize their mistake ??? When is it time - when we're a third world country with open borders for all !!! America - home of the brave -PROVE IT !!!

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