US Troops Pulling Out Of Ukraine In Face Of Impending Invasion

 February 13, 2022

As tensions between Ukraine and Russia continue to mount, US troops in Ukraine are pulling out and evacuating. This comes as US officials are growing increasingly concerned of an impending Russian invasion.

Currently the only known US Troops in the Country, 160 Florida National Guard soldiers are being repositioned elsewhere in Europe. It is unclear exactly what this means for the future of US-Ukraine relations, or for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

However, it does seem to send a signal that the US fears an invasion is in the near future and that Ukraine may be on their own. This comes as the US-Ukraine partnership has been slowly deteriorating, with the US refusing to provide critical aid to Ukraine.

The US pulling out its troops from Ukraine may be an indication that they are giving up on the country, and that a Russian invasion is now more likely than ever. This could have devastating consequences for Ukraine and its people.

What do you think, should the US flex it's power in support of Ukraine? Let us know in the comments!

Also, check out this video of US troops training with Ukraine military earlier this month:

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46 comments on “US Troops Pulling Out Of Ukraine In Face Of Impending Invasion”

  1. All Americans should have already been evacuated from Ukraine. The last thing we need is a nuclear war with Russia. Let the Russians have Ukraine. It's not worth losing one American life.

    1. Yes we do not need a a nuclear with Russia ,How ever NATO and the U. S. should not let them take any other country, if Biden was strong with Putin like the President should have been with there first talks he could have stopped it all but he has no balls he is weak...

  2. We need to support Ukraine. Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union as it was before its collapse. If he gets Ukraine do you really think he will stop there? He will continue to destroy NATO!

  3. So when you say comments better be clean and sweet and nice when anybody wants to about Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran, countries that hate our guts and want us gone and off the map, and also the complete weakness and possible mental issues with this president,. And if these rules are not followed our comments will be thrown in the trash kind of like it's done communist countries.. can be sure there are many people in this country and in government that feel like the complete weakness this President shows is going to drag this country into a war possibly World War 3 at best. And other countries that hate us see this even if we don't or want too,, the people of this country cannot wait till 2024, this country may not be here anymore, it'll be gone, it'll be too late.. but so sad many millions in this country are still asleep to this ponsibility they still don't get it.. but another thing why it's this way, it's because the media like you guys here makes it so hard so difficult for the Free People of this country to make comments to let the world know how we really feel. Wake up.

    1. This is why it was so important for Biden to win the presidency. He and Hunter would have gone to jail. The country was sacrificed to save their worthless skins.

    1. You're right, Jim. When Trump was president, Putin kept a 'low profile'. Now, with Biden in office--no contest. Putin has nothing but contempt for Biden and knows what a weak 'leader' he is!! Not only will Russia 'not stop there' while Biden 'leads' but it will encourage aggression from China, as well. We need Bide OUT ASAP!!

      1. It is already happening. Watch China take Twain. India is being invaded by Muslims from the north. Afghan people are being slaughtered by the terrorists.

      2. All well and good. However, you do know what that would mean? Kamala Harris would be president; while she is not ready to lead anything but her husband by the nose. Joe is bad, but Kamala is worse.

  4. The US does not need to stay. That is what Russia, China and North Korea want. If we help, that’s a clear sign for those countries to invade us! WWWIII? Due to Obama’s massive destruction of troops, demoralization, and efforts to retrain them to shoot citizens (ours) we are not in any shape to DEFEND anyone, let alone ourselves. We are already 50% communist thanks to Biden stealing the election and no one doing anything about it. It is beyond scary, logical or anything that resembles the USA. They give free access at our borders, free health care to illegals that citizens do not have? WTH? I never thought I’d see this day but it’s been coming for years. Out students are ‘dumbed’ down, our schools are socialist, our mindset destroyed because the majority under 40 don’t have pride in their country, because no history is taught. Enough from me. Make sure I make the list! Was kicked off fb permanently so I’m sure I am already there! No we do not need to stay!

    1. Don't feel 'bad'!! I resigned my FB account last Spring--right after they sided with the election thieves!! Looks like FB is now 'reaping' what they've 'sown'--they're on their way down!! Looks as though the Swamp has overflowed its banks and we now have a stinking 'mess' in Washington instead of a government!! Not a good scenario!

  5. Ukraine should have the support of the U. S. and NATO , Biden is weak he has not guts are the balls to stand up again any one the U. S. and are Allies should back the Ukraine to keep the Russia dictator from taking another country

  6. I find it interesting that most of Europe doesn't show much in the way for the solidarity for Ukraine. Ukraine has its own problem with corruption. Really all Biden has to do is tell Putin that they won't vote for Ukraine in the NATO and the uneasy feeling the Russians have about another country backed by the United States on their border. It's what most of this is all about. I've been listening and watching news orgs and they are saying the same thing. The other thing is what's China's response if we go to war with Russia? I think they will take the opportunity to retake Thailand. If I were betting I would say XI and Putin have already discussed it. Probably wrong but it's not out of the realm of possibilities.

  7. Our military are a bunch of damned sissies. Can't even go to war anymore. Can't stand up for America. The Pentagon needs a good what for and so does Strawman from Oz, Biden!

  8. There has been talk over the years that some nutty leader of a country would end up starting WW3, but, until now, I never would have thought that nutty leader would be our own so-called President. It sure looks like "Lyin' Biden" is the one now who will cause it, unless our Good Lord steps in, and puts a stop to it.

    1. The Lord is getting closer to taking His family home. People everywhere are turning from Him. So why keep this old world going. The world a hole are damming ourselves. Sorry but that is my read on things.

  9. Have we made it too easy over the years for those weaker countries to rely on us to protect them and fight their battles for them? Seems the more we helped, the more they called on us. Example: Afghanistan trained by U.S. troops for 20 years but still apparently can’t totally defend themselves? Maybe bailing out those countries over the years was not really the right thing to do. Am not militarily educated so this is only food for thought!

  10. My God! Since Biden has been our dictator all our troops do is retreat. I realize he and a few others like Clinton, Obama and now Biden have decimated our military while other countries are building theirs, but this is ridiculous. Our once powerful nation is now the laughing stock of the world.

  11. He sends them in there to flex our muscles to show Russia we're backing Ukraine. Now he's pulling them? That just tells Russia don't listen to anything we say we're a bunch of pansies. He's a total idiot!!!

  12. It is not the US fight. Putting so few there against 100,000 is another Biden blunder like the killing of 13 of our troops. Biden should not only be impeached but put in prison.

  13. save our border first,let russia have the ukraine, maybe joes and hunter interest in that country will get flushed down the toilet

  14. Please Remer that Biden,when he was Vice President, blackmailed the President of Ukraine. He was protecting Hunter from an investigation of money laundering. Somehow I think this is all smoke and mirrors.
    The Ukrainian leaders told us that the a Russians had maneuvers in that area very year.
    I implyndo not believe anything that comes out of this White House.

  15. Wha happened to those 7,000 US troops I read a few days ago that were going into the Ukraine any day now!! Joey is working OVERTIME trying t get us into a war, any war !! It doen't matter to him how or why , he just wants us in a war!! It eill help deflect what he has planned for us next !!

  16. Troops being evacuated. What does this mean? It means that the child molesting pervert has been paid off again. This is the most corrupt and worse administration in American history.

  17. Just exactly what I would expect Biden to do as an individual that SWORE ALLEGIANCE to the Communist Chinese Party. Just lile his comrade Obama did.
    Another country falls to Communism.

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