US Troops Pulling Out Of Ukraine In Face Of Impending Invasion

As tensions between Ukraine and Russia continue to mount, US troops in Ukraine are pulling out and evacuating. This comes as US officials are growing increasingly concerned of an impending Russian invasion.

Currently the only known US Troops in the Country, 160 Florida National Guard soldiers are being repositioned elsewhere in Europe. It is unclear exactly what this means for the future of US-Ukraine relations, or for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

However, it does seem to send a signal that the US fears an invasion is in the near future and that Ukraine may be on their own. This comes as the US-Ukraine partnership has been slowly deteriorating, with the US refusing to provide critical aid to Ukraine.

The US pulling out its troops from Ukraine may be an indication that they are giving up on the country, and that a Russian invasion is now more likely than ever. This could have devastating consequences for Ukraine and its people.

What do you think, should the US flex it's power in support of Ukraine? Let us know in the comments!

Also, check out this video of US troops training with Ukraine military earlier this month:

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