WATCH: Russia's Demilitarization of Ukraine Has Failed

 April 19, 2023

Russia's Demilitarization of Ukraine Has Failed. The plan to demilitarize Ukraine has backfired, with Russia's actions contradicting Putin's initial goals. Instead, Ukraine and NATO have been emboldened and strengthened.

Measuring Russia's demilitarization progress is challenging due to unreliable data on destroyed equipment and casualties. Russia can effectively shift goalposts, making it hard to evaluate their true intentions and progress.

Ukraine now boasts a robust military force, one of Europe's largest. The war has had the opposite effect of demilitarization, motivating more Ukrainians to fight back. Russia's civilian attacks and graphic videos have only strengthened Ukraine's resolve and garnered NATO support.

If the Ukrainian military were entirely destroyed, countless groups and citizens would still retaliate. Russia's actions have galvanized the population, and Ukraine's citizens won't back down as long as Russia occupies any part.

In conclusion, Russia's demilitarization attempt has failed and produced the opposite effect. Rather than weakening their adversaries, Russia has strengthened Ukraine and NATO. As the conflict unfolds, Russia's "victory" may not be the triumph they anticipated.


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