Washington Firefighters Launch Desperate Search And Rescue Effort For Woman Who Fell Off Bridge

In a rather shocking incident, a woman fell off the northbound lane of the Interstate 205 Bridge. According to the Vancouver Fire Department, she fell straight into the Columbia River and required rescuing.

Search & Rescue

At about 6:50 a.m., multiple agencies began searching for the woman. The fire department, Portland Fire & Rescue, and the Coast Guard were all trying to locate the woman in the water.

The Vancouver fire agency said that Engine 6 searched an area from the shoreline to about Ellsworth Road. Portland Engine 2 was able to mark where they all thought she went in, so the boat crews had a general sense of direction.

There were three boats in the water, one from each reporting agency. According to a press release from the Vancouver Fire Department, she was found holding onto a ladder on a bridge pier.

One of their rescue boats came upriver, and the crew brought her onboard using the ramp. She was treated for hypothermia on the boat and was transferred to the hospital by AMR paramedics.

Vancouver Fire Division Chief Tim O'Connor commended the agencies for collaborating. If they had not all worked together to find the woman, it might not have been a quick rescue with a happy ending.

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