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10 comments on “WATCH: Why China, Russia And Iran Fear The American F-35 Lightning Stealth Fighter”

  1. Them other fellas will be sure to quit laughing as soon as we learn to keep the F-35 off of the ocean floor.

    1. I am afraid the f35 will be downed without firing a shot, all the Russians need do is use a little jamming and the f35 will fall out of the sky! To much reliance on computer chips!

    2. If the F35 was an AR-15, the mig23 would be a pocket knife; A very dull pocket knife.

      There is zero comparison. The mig23 was outdated back in the late 80’s and the f35 is state of the art in every way.

      The mig 23 pilot has to manually lock onto a target to launch a weapon whereas the f35 pilot can simply look at the target and the helmet targets the enemy and launches several weapons all simultaneously on several different targets.

      If you get into a close-in dog fight it would be over inside of 9-10 seconds because the mig23 needs about 2 Miles to turn 360 degrees and f35 about a football field.

  2. Our country has always welcomed people into our country but the the way they are now coming in our country and taking advantage of the what our country use to stand, liberty, justice, and freedom for all. Instead they want to run our and they are being allowed to. Our has been for years WE THE PEOPLE who really cares about our country!!!

    1. The problem w/welcoming other nations/peoples into this sovereign nation is that when you do, DIVERSITY of races etc GOES against what GOD Almighty "SAID!" What HE "SAID" was that there were BOUNDS of HABITATION! ACTS 17:26-27 KJV When you mingle peoples etc you get many who do NOT think alike and many who think like their nationality! Bottom line is when you have men/women of other races they can NOT understand others of a different nation etc and then, they cannot find the TRUTH! GOD Almighty desired that man be "SEGREGATED" and SEPARATED" but he has always from The Tower of Babel" sought Integration! The end product is TOTAL destruction for the IU.N.! Zephaniah 3:8 KJV Just as The Tower of Babel caused the different languages; integration will cause destruction of those same nations!!

  3. Unfortunately, our military has gone "woke". We wouldn't stand a chance if WWIII comes about! Thanks to Biden and modern democrats!

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