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6 comments on “WATCH: Firefighters Rescue People From Rubble In Kyiv, Ukraine”

  1. How horrid. Putin is committing War Crimes by starting a War without reason and now killing civilians in a Mall. He is sick and his people should form a Coup before he turns on them.

      1. You must be living on another planet. If you have watching the news within the past two weeks, reports have been made almost daily regarding Putin's war crimes. Why don't you just go and kiss Joe Biden's donkey and suck up to the rest of the dumbocrats in this country. OR better yet, travel to the Ukraine and see first hand who is sending destruction to the country !

      1. Eventually, we will take the war to the Kremlin and Moscow. Putin will be repaid yen times over for his crimes. If he pulls out even one nuke, Russia will become a pile of dust.

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