WATCH: Former Police Officer Weighs In On Prolific Shooting

 December 14, 2021

We here at Thin Line News love this YouTube channel by Chuck U. He is a former Police Officer and has a lot of great information about officer involved shootings.

One of the best ways to understand these situations is to review the footage in it's entirety and get the opinion of a former law enforcement professional instead of the Monday morning quarterbacks on the mainstream media.

Unfortunately, YouTube has decided to age restrict this channel because anything Police related these days is too sensitive for most snowflakes... the only way to see the video is to log into YouTube and take a look there.

Make sure you give the channel a follow and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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2 comments on “WATCH: Former Police Officer Weighs In On Prolific Shooting”

  1. Dummy should have listened and walked away !!! Grabbing the gun was a big mistake, luckily one he survived !!!!! Chalk another one up to FAILURE TO LISTEN AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS !!!!!!!

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