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14 comments on “WATCH: Gunman Opens Fire On Police Investigating Suspicious Vehicle”

  1. Well, good news is Tennessee has one less sex offender to deal with !!! Since, he removed his bracelet monitor and was on a permanent monitoring terms, he was apparently a repeat offender !!!! Thankfully, no officer's or bystanders were injured !!!!! All in all, a good ending !!!!! But, I will pray for his loved ones, as for him, he got what he deserved, in my opinion !!!!!!

  2. Ashes to ashes dust to dust if you did not shoot at the police you would still be with us . Typical behavior for Democrat criminals.

  3. I for sure agree with Sheila H. on this matter. It was a happy ending for all. 'Tis the season to be merry. One less scumbag on Earth. People are a just a little safer now. Thank you Police Officers,

  4. The police should have some infra red night vision equipment in the trunk for this type of situation..They could locate the target yet maneuver unseen by the target.

  5. No man the man used excessive force or so will claim the MSM.

    If the perpetrator was a Negro, since no name and photograph was provided it is impossible to tell but if he was you know the police will be vilified.

    I am disgusted with police merely following proper police procedure and doing their jobs losing their jobs or worse being wrongly charged with criminal negligence or criminal homicide just because the total waste of resources who died happened to be a Negro, (e.g.) George Floyd or as your average Negro or self loathing Lunatic Libturdtard refer to as Saint George Floyd when in truth he was a worthless Negro male junkie.

    1. He was in fact resisting arrest if black or white , green or blue - respect the law and you will get the respect.

    1. The Police put Their Lives on the line every day & are treated so unfairly with respect not shown for them but for the likes of criminals who resist arrest, refuse to follow commands & Then have the guts to cry poor me it's only because I'm black, this is BS!! These families that cry out using racism are only looking for a big pay day like was proven recently!! That family made more in his death than he ever earned legally!! I FEEL SO BAD FOR WHAT POLICE OFFICERS DEAL WITH & ARE FORCED TO TAKE FROM THESE LOW_LIFE CRIMINALS & THEIR MONEY GRUBBING FAMILIES & LET'S NOT FORGET THE SCUMBAG LAWYERS REPRESENTING THEM & THE 40-50% THEY UNFAIRLY ARE PAID FOR SERVICES RENDERED!!

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