WATCH: Gunman Drives Through Crime Scene, Opens Fire At Police

 April 19, 2021

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12 comments on “WATCH: Gunman Drives Through Crime Scene, Opens Fire At Police”

  1. This kind of stuff will continue and intensify because the left has no respect for law and order and overall the democrat controlled state and local governments refuse to enforce basic law and order. The Democrats are also hostile to self defense.

    1. The LEFT are NOT AMERICANS... NOT ! And never will be. They will meet their DOOM sooner than later. They are CROOKS, CRIMINALS, TRASH! They are ENCOURAGED by NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and the BIG DADDY, CNN ! Over 20,000 murders in this country this past year alone... 99% committed by the LEFT LUNATICS.

  2. Our main objective as Philadelphians in the voting booth this May is to get rid of PPD-hater Larry Krasner!!! The Philadelphia Police Department is constantly vilified and Krasner is the one leading the hate.

  3. Note that all of the police shootings come from when the perps are being apprehended they don’t flow police orders they want to fight police or try to run and this is when the shooting begins, look at the videos, they always are fighting police instead of following there orders I am sure the outcome would be different in every case

  4. These "events" will continue to happen because the corrupt "deep state" democommunists have numerous UNCONSTITUTIONAL "gun control" bills pending, and they need many "false flag" events (real or "staged") to push their communist agenda in an effort to get "brainwashed", indoctrinated "sheeples", and the propaganda-pushing lame stream media to push to disarm all law-abiding citizens for "easy take over" of our Constitutional republic, and turn it into a communist-controlled third-world banana republic cesspool.
    An ARMED law-abiding populace is a "deterrent" to the "agenda". (and there are more of "US" than "THEM". ) If WE PATRIOTS were the "problem" the left-wing communists infesting and attempting a "takeover" of this country would know it in a hurry. (and that my friends may still happen YET!)

  5. The fact that the reporter said that "we don't know why it happened" makes me angry. We ALL know why it happened, and these reporters need to find the gumption to say it out loud.

  6. Remember all these unjustified shootings when the next couple of elections come up. Justice needs the police as law keepers because a lot of people can't obey even the simplest laws.

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