Gunman Opens Fire On Police Headquarters, Ends About As Expected

 December 10, 2021

In a bizarre turn of events, an armed man opened fire into the air outside of the Stockton Police headquarters. Multiple Police officers rushed out and attempted to apprehend the shooter.

In the initial rush, Officers were able to subdue the man but after a short melee he got loose again.

Still holding his gun, the suspect charged back in and five of the Officers opened fire. The suspect was struck by multiple bullets and eventually succumbed to his wounds.

Currently, no motive has been established for the shooting and an investigation is ongoing. Let us know what you think of this crazy incident in the comments below!

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35 comments on “Gunman Opens Fire On Police Headquarters, Ends About As Expected”

  1. Definitely Suicide by Cop. Family will sue City for Excessive Force. He was a Good Football player, was going to go to College

    1. Let’s erect him a statue in place of one the Woke mob has tore down , and let the woke media praise him for the next several weeks, and why not start a “Go Fund Me” so his folks will be especially proud of his generosity!

    2. You forgot the part of how he was GOING TO BE A DOCTOR!!! Shoot at a bunch of armed cops!!! What could possibly go wrong??? Where was that social worker when they needed him/her/IT I am trying to be as PC here as I can!!! Those BAD cops should have let him shoot them and then everybody could have had a GROUP HUG!!! One less problem to contaminate the gene pool!

  2. This incident seems like a suicide by cop but things aren't always what they seem to be. It was probably for a reason none of us will ever know.

    1. I say he was a deranged idiot who probably was told a bunch of crap from some demon-rat and he ate it up and thought he would kill a few cops. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

  3. 13% of the population is blacks committing 75% of the crimes and still it is whites who are promoting CRT just for the sake of power and control of population and not aware once that wild very dangerous destructive mob is allowed to wipe out everything and everyone on their way NOBODY IS IMMUNE - even those who allowed it to happen in the first place ! Home invasion and murder in Beverly Hills is a perfect example ! But the MOB INITIALLY CREATED by Obama will not be deterred !

  4. I think people have all lost their good senses & it’s bcus of the hatred the Demos have spread, it’s disgusting !!

    1. I thank it's wrong to call these savages "ANIMALS". Animals don't destroy because of greed; they fight for their own, not kill them!!

  5. The police officers did their job's and I stand with our Police this is getting crazy. These DemocRat politicians need to go!

  6. These types live in a fantasy world. Their mission is to “shoot in the back”, it’s their entitlement, right? Those fine Police officers probably did not give it much thought......they have a real job. A real hard job. They did their best. God Bless them.

  7. It doesn't say he is black. Or does everyone assume that since no picture was published? If he was black, more BLM rioting and charges against the five officers. If he is white, the incident will be forgotten, or maybe he will be called a white supremecist. In any event, good riddance to bad garbage, black or white.

  8. Satan isn't hiding anymore. We are now seeing him out in the open, in our streets and in our schools.
    Our present administration , seems like they are helping to assist him in any way they can.
    The best thing we can do right now is to pray hard for our country , and to see that our coming elections will be monitored and protected.

  9. He got what he deserved and wanted. He didn't want to shoot himself so staged the event to have the police do it. He will probably have a memorial put up like George Floyd. Police will be called racist. No win for the guys in sad as they deserve the truth. If someone points a gun at anyone (including police), he needs to be taken down........down...........down. Straight to hell.

  10. YAYYYYYYYY! ONE DOWN, 5 million too go. That is a approximate of what our tax dollar funded politicians and parole boards have turned loose on us. Notice politicians and parole boards hiding dirty hands

  11. In some cases these people should have been aborted. That way the police would not have to deal with them in this fashion.

  12. Another way to kill yourself without pulling the trigger is to do what he did. Was his life so messed up that he couldn't get out of the hole he either fell into or dug it himself?

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