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11 comments on “WATCH: Incredible Aerial Footage Of Atlanta Police Busting Street Racers”

  1. Pure waste of time…praying on a guy doing donuts in a parking lot.. go out and catch criminals… pure bullshit.

      1. Why did you go straight to calling names? Evading police? Who cares, kids having fun. I bet these super tough police would never go into the ghetto to stop real crime... they sure don't here in Buffalo, NY at least.

  2. And when they take this mentally deranged punk down they should put the cuffs on so tight it almost collapses his wrist.

  3. Let them have some fun as long as no one gets hurt.
    Also provide a place for this that is safe for these kind of activities.

  4. Doing a donut on the street in nothing compared to murders, child molesting or rapes but then cops feel safer grabbing kids acting up on the streets

  5. If those idiots had killed someone, or themselves, with their unlawful behavior, there would be screaming in the streets of “WHERE WERE THE POLICE”.

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