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6 comments on “WATCH: Kabul Has Fallen, People Desperate To Escape Taliban Rule”

    1. And just think our president on public TV just a day or so ago said " The people of Afghanistan do not want to leave their country" video evidence proves he lies and has no idea of what is going on in his seclusion on his long weekend as we are told.

  1. Congratulations, Chou Bi-den, CommieLa and the whole pack of traitors! You hung out our troops in Afghanistan, as well as those that assisted them! And kudos to all of you that put these klowns in office! And where is Bi-den? In his “office”? NO! HE IS HIDING SOMEPLACE! As for CommieLa, you can keep denying this all you want! HOWEVER, YOU ARE THE # 2 PERSON IN THIS ADMINISTRATION! GUESS WHAT? YOU GET YOUR FAIR SHARE OF THIS MESS AS DOES THE SENATE AND HOUSE MAJORITY PARTY! DEAL WITH IT! EARN YOUR PAYCHECK FOR A CHANGE!

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