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23 comments on “WATCH: Rape Suspect Tries To Jump From Sixth Floor To Escape Police”

    1. Of course, the officers would be accused of racism. That is the normal M.O. They would also call me a racist for making this statement. Sick people, those liberals.

  1. To many criminals and to many lenient Judges and Prosecutors that protect them. Blame the victim in so many of these cases. George Floyd did not deserve to die, but to my understanding he was involved in crime at the time. The CNN and MSNBC and others including Biden love to take the sides of the criminals. Police need to be accountable. But, there is less than 1% of racially motivated police racism. I am sick of leaders and others calling out white supremacy with no facts. Could go on and on. Here is a fact, look it up. We all are accountable for our own actions. Stop blaming others. Looting, burning of businesses, crime in mostly Democrat run cities. Those are facts. Open borders help no American.

    1. globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and barry soetoro and chester biden appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

  2. "Don't tazz me bro"....new watch words for the guility---they want to be shot. Dumb MF'er trying to jump thru the window---watches too much tv....

  3. If he wants to jump out the 6th-floor window, why not take him to the roof?. It would give him a microsecond longer to learn how to fly.

  4. I keep wondering for some time WHY judges DELIBERATELY let criminals . especially criminals with long rap sheet of violent crimes GO FREE to COMMIT MORE CRIMES .

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