WATCH: LAPD Pursuit And Takedown Of Car Theft Suspect

 March 19, 2021

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5 comments on “WATCH: LAPD Pursuit And Takedown Of Car Theft Suspect”

  1. Our Police have been attacked in every way possible, both physically and verbally, enough! They are our hero's, I never want them to be defunded, we need more of them - not less....
    There maybe some bad ones, but on the whole I have never met even one. SO NO DEFUNDING


  2. Police did a great job, but really the reporter says it's a high speed chase sorry the highest speed I saw was 47 mph. Not a high speed scenario so stop enlarging on it being high speed. Yes it was residential and he didn't slam into the car, he sideswiped it and got out

  3. These are the heroes. Should be on cover of magazine instead of Biden, and Harris who is from California. She is helping bail people like this out of jail. Expose her.

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