Police End Chase With Unbelievable Technique - Brand New Technology

The Grappler Police Bumper is a tool used by law enforcement agencies to safely stop fleeing vehicles during high-speed pursuits. It works by using a set of cables attached to a bumper on the front of a police vehicle. Once the pursuing officer gets close enough to the suspect vehicle, they deploy the Grappler, which then wraps around the suspect's rear wheels, effectively disabling the vehicle and bringing it to a stop.

In this case in a Phoenix, Arizona chase, police used the Grappler to end a pursuit in spectacular fashion. The suspect led officers on a chase through traffic and seemed like he might escape.

Police eventually deployed the Grappler, which successfully disabled the suspect's vehicle, causing it to come to a complete stop. The suspect tried to drive away, but the police vehicle held it in place, even dragging it backwards.

The use of the Grappler in this case helped to bring a dangerous situation to a safe and successful conclusion. It is one of several tools used by law enforcement agencies to safely stop fleeing vehicles, and its effectiveness has been demonstrated in a number of high-speed chases across the United States.

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