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6 comments on “WATCH: Meet The Most Advanced Multi-Role Combat Helicopter In The World”

  1. We have simulators to train users of tanks, aircraft, and other weapons systems. We have found that Ukrainians are more highly educated than many other nations, and therefore are used to learning.
    Send several hundred of these helicopters, along with A-10s, and F-16s, to be delivered, fully armed, to the military people trained on the simulators, and with some unarmed flight time, to be flown on their first mission from heavily defended bases surrounding the Ukraine.
    We need to crush the Russian military as the only kind of warning that an evil monster like Xi in China can understand.
    When this is over, we need to rebuild the Ukraine and Russia, offer Russia NATO membership, and defend Russia against China invading Siberia.
    Someday, we will see Russian citizens cheering US Fighter jets destroying Chinese tank columns in Siberia. As with Imperial Japan, Russia can become one of our best friends, once the war is over. I pray for this.

  2. Absolutely AWESOME - so glad to know we have these men & women with the technology that advances their ability to protect us when we need it. God Bless every pilot and especially those who develop these machines- not wanting to leave out those who assemble them...!!! Thank you, every one!!!

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