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12 comments on “WATCH: Morocco Want's F-35 Fighter Jets To Ward Off Potential Russian SU-57 Procurement”

    1. He might give them some jets, send a few instructors to help them learn the plane. Then leave the planes there and bring the instructors home.

  1. As long as Sleepy Joe Biden is President Congress should not allow our (Tech Advanced Equipment) be sold to anyone!

  2. Maybe after 2022 when we take over the house and senate but more likely in 2024 when the hair sniffer and the thing he? calls a ...vp. Still would be time to get them and counter the russian planes.

  3. Morocco’s one of the oldest US allies they were the first country to recognize the United States as an independent nation from Great Britain. We absolutely should support them

  4. Extremely expensive plane, how are they going to pay for it??Every little country doesn't need top of the line fighters. For their situation well used A10 warthogs be a better choice.

  5. You don't sell your best jets, period. Even those that we've sold to Israel over the years, we still had the ability to shoot them out of the sky.

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