WATCH: Police Officers Attacked Without Warning

 December 3, 2021

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6 comments on “WATCH: Police Officers Attacked Without Warning”

  1. I
    do know a lot of these cops abuse their authority . I have seen it myself. when they get that badge pinned on their shirt their head swells up and acts like Billy bad ASS and they lie .
    Don't get me wrong there are some good ones . but most of the youngest ones.are straight up. Richard Headricks . then there are ones that try to make you believe bullshit just to give you a ticket when I knew I was 110% correct I went through a yellow light for pulled over cop said it was red the he counted I asked counted what and he was at least 50 to 75 yards up the road from the light I was just under the light when it turned red already through the intersection he counted I said ok I pick up a pen and paper and started writing his name and badge number down and he started back peddling . maybe I was a little to far away to see the position of your vehicle. this is a town known for dirty cops young ones at that . but how the hell do we prove that . most of the time a judge will say well be is a trained officer whoooppeeee. !!! and you still have to pay a fine . I had to stand up for my self in that retarded cops face and argue with him until I started writing his shit down. I know I'm not perfect but I won't except bullshit when in fact it is just that. we have rights and they are ignored by more police than dumbasses want to believe. and he ain't the only one but this has been to long already . I could make you a list .

    1. It may seem like billy bad ass to you but most the time it's taking control of the situation with authority. If you come off as a wimpy officer, people will take advantage of it. Officers have no clue who you are when pulling you over. They place their safety first whether you like it or not. You could be totally innocent and a fine upstanding citizen or just shot and killed someone. What you don't notice is the change in tune with officers after they run your license and start to feel more comfortable with you. Sure there are bad people in departments just like anywhere else and that's why it's easier to just follow his commands and if you don't like it, file a complaint later.

    1. Terry, what a load of crap.! What are you one of the "Defund the Police" pinheads our snowflake society is becoming? There will always be that 10% in any occupation that should be terminated, especially in union jobs. Imagine a country without any police force to handle all the deviants roaming throughout our great country.

  2. Another prime example of why police officers always seem to be ready and expecting the worst with their guns drawn because They know someone is going to pull a gun on them at any moment as we see in this video.

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