Police Take Down Gunman, Activists Outraged

By Ethan Cole on
 May 23, 2023

Toward the end of the September 25, 2021 U.S. Open Surfing event, Huntington Beach Police received a call around 3:15 p.m. about a "suspicious man with a gun."

Officers responded to the area and located the suspect.

Gun Sighting

According to police officials, officers surrounded the man, later identified as 43-year-old Ronnie Garcia. Large crowds were gathered close by for the surfing competition. Officers gave Garcia multiple commands. He did not comply with any of them, and one or more officers fired at him. '

A bystander captured cell phone video of the incident. In the video, you can see Garcia raise his arm and point it toward the officers, which is when the officers fired their weapons.


Garcia fell to the sand and was rolling around. Though seemingly injured, he suddenly makes a grab for the shirt that was on the ground next to him. The police officers say that the handgun Garcia was carrying was under the t-shirt. The officer's fire at Garcia again.

In the video, the officers stopped firing when Garcia did not get up. Garcia was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. According to KCAL, he died from his injuries at the hospital.

Shaken Bystanders

Many of the witnesses at the beach were surprised by the shooting. Rhonda Davidson and her family come to the beach often and say they have never seen anything like this before.

“It was just scary to see the cops, like, kinda pointing their guns at someone – pop, pop, pop, pop – more like 10 or 11 shots."

Rhonda Davidson

Chet Davidson said, "It was pretty surreal. We were right over there in the grass area. We heard the shots fired [and] wasn't too sure, but everybody was running, everybody was running away from it."

Rhonda Davidson reiterated that they had been coming to the beach "for years in the summer," and nothing "happens ever."

“I’m not scared,” Rhonda Davison added. “I mean, obviously, I’m here, but I’m glad there’s police presence.”

Shooting Investigation

Since it is an officer-involved shooting, Orange County Sheriff's Office is leading the investigation. The shooting immediately prompted a response from activists who began to protest.

It even brought out the Black Lives Matter- Huntington Beach founder Tory Johnson, who believes the officers involved in shooting Garcia should be accountable for their actions.

According to KCAL, officers found a gun at the scene.

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99 comments on “Police Take Down Gunman, Activists Outraged”

      1. The People that believe everything that the democrats say will be the first to cry about our country going communist when they are forced to work for 40 cent per day.

    1. To John Misir, You said "A man with a gun deserves to be s h ot by police." Do you wish to clarify that claim? Millions of Americans carry firearms every day. It is a God given right guaranteed by the U.S.Constitution and simply possessing a firearm is no reason to be shot by police. If the man is threatening the safety of others or breaking a law then certainly police should investigate and enforce the law. Simply shooting anyone just because they have a firearm is called murder in America, even if police do the shooting. I really hope you are not. suggesting that police should shoot anyone they see with a firearm. I don't know where you are from but that is not what is acceptable here in the U.S.A.

      1. You know what he meant! I think most people who read this know he meant if you point a gun at police not people who are legally allowed to carry a gun that’s in a holster.

        1. Lisa, I agree. With that said, this man did have gun, apparently did not comply with LEO's orders, apparently raised gun towards the LEOS while continuing to ignore their orders; good shoot IMHO

        1. Billy W, he was in Kalifornistan, on a beach, had a weapon, gun seen and reported. Kalifornistan has very strict personal weapons policy. Cops responded and I believe it's standard procedure everywhere for cops, for their own safety, to disarm suspect until situation cleared. Individual apparently did not comply and even after being shot once he again attempted to point weapon at COPS. Suicide by Cop maybe?

      2. I agree. I want to know who he threatened and what kind of a threat it was. If he was just carrying it he damn well should not have been shot.

        1. When refusing to comply with direct orders, reaching for a gun wrapped in his shirt, it’s the officers responsibility to protect anyone around including themselves.

      3. Charles Meredith: Did you actually read the article? The guy that got shot, DID NOT FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN BY LEO!!! He was reported to have a gun. He had his right hand covered and pointed it at LEO, who responded appropriately. All the guy had to do to diffuse the situation would have been to FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FROM LEO. No, the guy didn't follow and as a result, he won't make that mistake again, ever.

      4. Let's break it down for you, you know make it easy for you to understand anyone pointing a gun at police officers should be shot dead. End of story.

    2. Only if he is threatening others. It is so much easier to obey the police. He would be alive if he had put down his gun and stepped back.

      1. The “black” folks are confused. They don’t want cops to enforce laws —. But bitch to HIGH HEAVEN when one of them is killed for stupidity by a cop.

    3. Especially, when in a cowherd area, he appears to be aiming something toward police, after failing to comply with instructions from them. Of course they would perceive a threat in such behavior.

  1. How many people did you want shot/killed before the gunman was stopped? I say good for the officer who did the right thing to save lives, no matter what color they were

    1. Amen! In today's society, it appears the idiots who compose the general protesters, are no better than the killers, looters, and bigots!!

      1. He pointed the gun at the officers. He also had the gun in his hand out in a crowded place. If you have permit to carry you don't reveal you have it! You keep it concealed! The gunman didn't obey the Cops, raised his arm with the gun in it. They had to shoot or be shot and the Gunman didn't stop there. He tried to get to his gun while down so they shot him again.
        whites and people of color that don't obey the Cops command are at their own peril and are inviting much trouble. Watch the video then run to your safe place if you can't take it. What would you say if the Gunman was pointing the gun at you?

      2. Well, he did not obey commands the police gave him. That was the first thing he did wrong. But he was suspicious enough to garner a call to 911 from several people.

        That's enough for me for police to intervene and see if he's a danger to those around him, or maybe himself. Although danger to himself is the least concern.

  2. What about the public are the police not aloud to protect the public. This is the job of the police to protect the public. If the police were not there there is know telling what this person in mind. He could have killed many people if he had bad intentions. Why did he have a gun to start with and at the beach?

  3. So first he points his gun at the police, then after they shoot him, he reaches for it again! Ok! he was obviously trying to commit suicide by cop, or he was a BLM volunteer martyr.

  4. Activist never help problems. They just make them worse. Great job officer you did what needed to be done. If you want to claim to claim the title of an activist then start complaining about the leadership of our country.

  5. Every twit that attacks what these officers had to do needs to spend some time in jail preferably with a half dozen gang members.

  6. It’s about time we start taking our country back. Way to go officers. You did a job.
    Who. Gives two shits from a dead camels ass what the activists say. They just stirs more shit and the smell lingers. Every law enforcer should be able to do their job without fear of some idiot getting in the middle of it. This dumbass knew what might have happened if caught. He took a chance. He was the idiot just like the activist who got to get all up in it.

  7. I watched the 20 seconds of video of the shooting and something bothers me about the last 4 or 5 shots fired by the police and I hope this part is looked into carefully. I believe, at least it appears to me, the last 4 or 5 gunshots were fired when the subject had already been shot several times and was probably in a state of shock which does affect your actions and reactions. More then that though, the last 4 or 5 shots the police fired came when the wounded man was on the ground, on his back, with both hands empty and plainly visible. In other words there was no reason to keep shooting the man who posed no further threat to anyone! I am not a forensic expert and I know video can be misleading but go back and watch the guys hands as you listen to the gunfire. Check it out for yourself. I have no dog in this fight, I would like justice to win once in a while though.

    1. I agree that the police had to defend them selves but I also think the last four or five shots were overkill. Once the suspects down he’s down I don’t think you still need to keep shooting

    2. With multiple police officers involved, should they take the time to discuss who should take the defensive shot when the criminal is going for his gun? For example, four officers taking one DEFENSIVE shot = four shots fired (protecting themself and their colleagues). The scumbag had already pointed his gun at the officers.

      1. Each took 4-5 shots totaling 16-20 bullets and again there was zero communication amongst the officers even after initial deadly force was rightfully initiated. The fact is that the shooting is justified, yet the execution of it needs review and those shortcomings need to be addressed and fixed so your Dems, antifa and BLM activists have nothing to complain about. Fix the crap they are exploiting against our brave men in blue and get those political idiots out of police business. Hope that was Frank enough for even the air tunnel red necks to get in the noggit.

        1. 2 cops, 4-5 shots each come out 8-10 , not 16-20 shots. The cops don't generally call a conference until certain a threat is, in fact, neutralized, especially where innocent bystanders are endangered. Remember, the initial call was to someone at least open carrying, but this was in CA where those laws are a lot stricter, too, & at a crowded venue.

    3. Sir, yes you do "Have a dog" in this fight! You may not care for the lives at this beach, but I am quite sure, had you been there, and saw this guy with a gun, YOU WOULSD THANK YOUR LUCKY STARS THESE POLICE DID THEIR DUTY AND SAVED YOU!! It's so easy for you to condemn the police when you aren't in danger! As for the police having SHOT, ACCORDING TO YOU, too many times at a fallen man, have you really never seen the hell a fallen policeman's family goes through when a policeman gives mercy, then is shot to death by the very person he gave mercy to?!?

    4. he was still alive and reaching for the shirt where he had the gun, when he tried to pick it up again he got the fatal volley nuff said!

    5. Take no chances. Unfortunately this person wanted to die. I mean come on, some BLM flunky showed up to protest now they’ll talk about him for years….
      Ole what’s his name

  8. It sounds (or reads) like a justifiable shooting by the police. As for the so-called activists, the article didn't say specifically what they were against which probably reflects their own empty headed thoughts!!

  9. Remember the police carry a gun to protect them selves not the public , when you point a gun at a police officer you will get short [ I think an should be ] this is not a game it is life an death , an the police want to go home to there family just like you an me

    1. God bless all policemen, and first responders! They put their lives in danger by just doing their duty! We've seen in many states the destruction done after they reduced their police force, and their police force budgets! I certainly don't want that to happen in our state/city!!

  10. He did not comply with the cops and was going for a gun, therefore the cops did the right thing and had to take him out.

  11. He brought this on himself, you point a gun at police and you get shot. So sick of this crap that it’s because he’s black. What black people need to understand is you aren’t special and you don’t get special treatment because you’re black.

  12. When Police tell you to STOP, you should STOP. When they tell you to put your hands up, you should put your hands up. That way everyone goes home safe again!!

  13. The shooting was justified period. Activists go home. You will be disgraced if you say the shooting was not justified. He got what he deserved.

  14. Charles Meradeth and others. Watch the video. He pointed the gun at the police officer. He tried even after being shot to go for the gun again. Shooting was absolutely justified.

  15. I would like to know only one thing, since when does it take a firing squad of four officers to subdue a subject that one officer firing could do. He was wounded and reached for a weapon justifying the reuse of deadly force. But why do four guns unload in an execution style shooting squad? I am as American as they get, pro 2nd, disabled Veteran, three tours, life long service and devout Christian. I am not scrutinizing the actions but literal execution, they stood around after, no officer removed the weapon and none immediately attempted first aid. In the Army a medic could be held accountable for manslaughter for not assisting a wounded enemy combatant. I think the police are doing what they are trained to do and that the missteps in conduct are a result of a broken training system that takes away the human factor. These men are not in a war zone and their decisions must at the minimum comply with what is threatened towards military soldiers in a combat zone. I was told never to suggest corrections without two viable suggestions, improve training, especially reactions after a shooting, second create a National standard for Police that holds them accountable such as the Geneva Convention holds soldiers accountable. Third accountability and responsibility are the two major factors that have deteriorated American Society over decades. Only when this is understood will change across the nation and in our political system happen, doing evil without consequence is the real virus that plagues us, and as once said, evil will prevail when good men do nothing.

    1. Just a follow on, those failure of actions after a shooting is what gives certain organizations and political affiliates the ammunition to attack those that just want to serve and protect. Bring back the human factor and you take away their power to complain, to protest, to defund, to cause chaos and say everything is peaceful. At that moment you will let them show their real faces and agendas. I have said it once and will again. In America society is a melting pot of ethnic groups, races, and religious believers that can only co exist or otherwise demise. To those that believe one of those groups is more important than another, I call you out as a racist no matter what group you belong to. In these United States ALL lives matter. When you quit being selfish, quit living on handouts, have fathers that support their family and children instead of being sperm Doners, then you would not need to elevate your oppression that has only been caused by your own inactions and consistent chase for the easy lane. Hard work, love of God, love of Family, love of country and your neighbors. That was the country I was born into and served until physically unable. All Lives Mater, all races, all police, all freedom loving Americans. It will soon come down to the question though, what are you willing to sacrifice to keep your civil rights, when is federal overreach enough? Do you adhere to the heard of cattle that is poisoned by population control measures? Do you sacrifice your children for the elites pleasure? When is there enough pain to stop the fighting amongst each other and actually realize who the real enemy of our freedom is? It’s not the politicians, surprise. They are a mere puppet show for the elites of the world that are in some cases not even American. They are your tech giants that control and impinge you first amendment rights. They are the pharmaceutical moguls like Soros that has shares in Moderna, didn’t know that, did you. They are the Media moguls that control the Narative that is repeated over and over across all networks verbatim in synchrony making it even more fake. These are the masterminds that endanger our democracy and freedoms. They will be the ones that will enslave all Americans and already have with the fake pandemic. So continue to fight amongst party lines as the elite take your freedoms one at a time. First free speech, now the right to decide what is put in your body, history of Nazi Germany is repeating itself and the Squamish infighting is making every freedom loving American blind. Where will you stand when they take even more from you?

    2. As a combat veteran, i would ask you this. Who would determine which one of the 4 would be chosen in the instant the guy pulled his gun? Think about it.

      1. In that situation the officers should be communicating with each other I have you covered, I am retrieving weapon, I will cover secondary, man still moving etc. Not one communication amongst them. Especially after first volley of shots. Does that help you understand what could have been done better. For the assailant it’s over anyways it’s about the lack of training and communications. Consistent communications are used in the Police but only by certain SWAT teams. But there is no need to go into any more detail due to the fact that apparently your interests are in keeping the status quo and not on improvements. Like I said sad that your insight to everything written was a question answered by common sense not tactical knowledge.

        1. So, essentially you are telling us that the minimum acceptable performance level is S.W.A.T.. To put that into terms a little more accessible to jack average; we need to do away with regular soldiers and sailors-all military actions must be performed by Seals, Green Berets, Force Recon, and Delta.

  16. AGAIN,
    There is scum all around us folks, if you don’t think they will kill you or your family we’ll wake up, these officers apparently saved lives and we thank them for that.
    God bless em!

  17. Of course the libocrats will be outraged. That is all they know how to do while the live in fenced off homes. Why don't you call one of the race baiters like Al Sharpton the next time you see a man with a gun in your vicinity

  18. A man with a gun deserves what he got! What’s the outrage here? I’m for law and order all others kindly just stay out of my way! BLM and Antifa are Domestic Terrorists recognized by Democrats as peaceful protestors, the same groups that terrorized Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York to name a few locations where they did billions in property damages, hurt thousands, killed dozens and there actions were condoned by the Democrats! News flash, your donations to BLM go directly to the Democratic Party and their select group of Democrats running for office, NOT to help any group, much less blacks, which haven’t seen a penny of a reportedly $90 million raised by the group. It’s one of the Democratic Parties largest Political Action Committees!!!!

  19. It's only to be expected that BLM thinks a criminal should be allowed to point a gun directly at police officers (which he did) and the police are supposed to just stand back and hope he doesn't kill somebody. BLM must be totally eradicated from our society. No exceptions. They are the enemy.

  20. So the man who complained about the police said he shouldn’t have shot him? Would h stand there and take the chance of getting killed? I bet not. These hypocrites drive me crazy, they think it’s so easy to stand there when a man is about to shoot at them, Give me a break anyone with a sensible head on their shoulders would do the same.

  21. Police made a safe decision, either him or the criminal. If he had complied with the instructions from the officers, nothing would happen.

  22. Mr. Garcia must have been an Illegal Foreign Alien, who most likely was a deadbeat father, who sexual Relations with a Perfumed Purloined Pussycat = A Prostitute, and didn't want the responsibility in bringing up the next heir or Heiress that the young female bore ?him?, Or something like that! And he suddenly decided to just go out and wanted to either stir up some trouble, I don't know and most probably didn't Care for anything else!!!

  23. Next time one of you crazie call the police to help protect you they should refuse to show up & tell you call a antifa a transgender any other crazy to come help you. If you end up dead you will have gotten exactly what you deserve.

  24. All those innocent by-standers,but idiot #1 still chose to ignore police commands & then try to point the reported gun at them, & the rest of the idiots present apparently thought police should just let him shoot them, & whomever else he chose... Seriously??? Of course they fired! When he tried to regain his gun, they fired again. He didn't have to die; he could've just complied in the 1st place, and discussed the issue at the station, with his lawyer present, & probably have gone on home, if he was in the clear, in short order. By he chose to resist, & then try to get away... Instead, he got himself killed.

  25. Obama's "rules of engagement" apparently have carried over to his Third Term : The outlaw gets to fire first and if the soldier or cop survives, he/she may return fire. Sad so many Sheeple still subscribe to this asinine approach.

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