Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability Tries To Suspend Murdered Police Officer

 November 14, 2021

The Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) recently reported their recommendations for disciplinary action for the officers who were involved in a 2019 incident. While all the officers received a recommendation, one stood out about the rest because she was killed in the line of duty three months ago.

A Massive Oversight

COPA's public report stated Officer Ella French should be given a three-day suspension for her role in a drug raid from February 2019. The raid was executed on the wrong address, and a social worker was handcuffed naked in her own home.

According to WGN, the sergeant in charge was recommended for termination, while the COPA recommended that the rest receive disciplinary action. Officer French was one of those listed in the recommendation.

The COPA report said, "Officer French – COPA has considered Officer French's complimentary history, her lack of prior disciplinary history, and her over three years of service to the Department, and her status as PPO at the time of the incident in mitigation."

“Officer French failed to timely activate her body-worn camera and failed to document the detention and search of the male and his vehicle in an Investigatory Stop Report. Accordingly, COPA recommends a 3-day SUSPENSION."

COPA Report

However, the young officer was shot and killed at 9:10 p.m. on August 7, during a traffic stop on South Bell Avenue. Rightly so, the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President, John Catanzara, wants an apology for "intentional harm caused to Ella's family, friends, and co-workers." This oversight on the part of a civilian committee is a spit in the face not only to Officer French's family, but officers everywhere who risk their lives daily.

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13 comments on “Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability Tries To Suspend Murdered Police Officer”

  1. Great job, beetlejuice!! You have no clue or even care about what's going on in 'your' town!! Just another worthless politician. . . .

  2. It is clear that the people will not stand for the abolition of the police, at least not at this stage of the communist takeover of America. The anarchists, marxists and black supremacists will have to pick them off one by one and demoralize those who remain. Make no mistake, when all the officers have quit. been fired or been murdered, there will still be policing, but it will be done by the Houthis, MS13, the Mexican cartels, the Bloods and the Crips.

  3. Did COPA know the officer was dead when they rendered their decision? My guess is yes, typical Chicago politicians at work.

  4. Sounds like the entire COPA , has their heads up their collective asses & have no idea what is going on .

  5. These anti -police people need to not get what they want a communist nation. Take away all freedoms one by onethen put their communist leaders in power. They deserve exactly what they get no support from Fire Dept's , or Police see how they like not having any support when they call.

  6. Why in the hell would anyone want to be a PO in Chicago? Imagine getting up every day to go to work and you have an idiot like lightfoot in charge of your life. Second who in the hell would vote for this mental gianta/

    1. Sadly, the COPA reminds me of the old Soviet Union's Comintern (Soviet Congress) where mandates were handed down to control the Proletariat (citizenry/people). Enforcement of all Soviet edicts fell to Comrade Beria, old time confidant and political confederate of Marshal Stalin.
      Today, we see the COPA acting as neophytes and acolytes of the current regime, hell-bent on maintaining Leninist and Stalinist policies enforced by a secret police reminiscent of the NKVD (Soviet police) and the KGB (internal and external Soviet agents/agency).
      All true patriots must rise up and remind these miscreants the Rule of Law is encased in the Law of the Land...the Constitution of the United States.
      God bless America!!

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