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11 comments on “WATCH: Suspect Takes Officer's Gun, Second Officer Thinks Fast”

  1. I think the officer did his job, yes , the way suppose in his time , before this craziness.if now, That he needs to be in the desk job, absolutely. He did his best and thank you.

    1. Why does he need to be at a desk job??? WHO the Hell are YOU to decide that? Or Anyone?? What Would YOU do IF you were an officer and in that situation?? But, YOU are NOT brave or smart enough to be an officer!!! Don't post your BULLSHIT like this anymore!!!!!!!!!

  2. First of all , you mentioned the bad guy was in the front seat ? He was positively in the BACK SEAT ! Now , Why in the hell would any officer remove the bad guy's hand cuffs ( alone in the garage ) ??? That was his first mistake enabling the bad guy to have access to grabbing the cops gun ! BAD POLICE WORK THERE !!! and YES , COMPLACENCY was a near FATAL MISTAKE ! You can thank the bad guy for sparing the cop's life ! Good thing the second cop showed-up !!! STAY SAFE & ALERT OUT THERE !!!

    1. That cop needs to be fired for acting so stupid. Why in the hell would you uncuff a prisoner and give him a chance to screw you? Stupid!

      1. You are so STUPID!!!! What would YOU do IF you were an officer in a situation and had only seconds to think about what to do?? But, YOU are NOT brave or smart enough at All to be an officer!! Don't put your Mentally sick posts like the one above out there anymore!!!!!!!!!

  3. the cop should be demoted to janitor. Never put your weapon in front of the bad guy. and Both of these cops need to go on a Diet.

  4. Should have been two officers there to begin with because the officer helping
    the suspect into the wheelchair caused him to be vulnerable.

  5. I am not a police officer but I sure would have had his hand cuffs in the back of his hands. Those cuffs would have stayed attached the entire time . With a wheelchair, I would have called for assistance because he knew he had to lock and then unlock it and he would be very close to the inmate which would give him a good assess to grab his gun. Also, he needs a pair of suspenders.

  6. The first officer was doing his job, but not very well. The "patient" was a criminal who should have been treated as a criminal. The first officer should be retired.

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