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8 comments on “Suspect Pulls Gun On Police, Officer's Gun Jams As He Opens Fire”

    1. Police and fire personnel risk their lives everyday and get pittance, even less than most teachers. Why do people idolize pro athletes making 2-200 million per season, not a year but per season?

  1. Back the blue as they don't get paid enough with people having health issues and those who are mad at there spouse, boss or there drug dealer. Cops have to figure out if the person are high on drugs or if they are willing to listen to the person in the blue uniform or if they have drugs, warrant or gun and make a stand (because they don't want to go to jail, get ticket) or run like he_ _ ? Not all those who get shot or go to jail are not of one color. If those who protest think those of color are the only ones who has drugs, guns, warrant are not running or getting shot cause they point the gun at the person with the squad car next to them for no reason. Person need to stop being a person of interest so cops don't need to stop or called too.
    Back the blue 100%

  2. A reasonable amount of time in a situation like this is as long as it takes to insure the safety of the officers conducting the needed action for the safety of them and the public. Each situation will dictate how much time is needed. In this case, 40 minutes, in the judgement of those at the scene, was what was needed. It is easy to judge things from hindsight, but, put yourself in that exact situation, can you really say you would have done differently. Also, this is why every department has after action reports, to evaluate the actions and determine if things could have been done differently and train appropriately.

  3. The men in Blue have a tough job. When they leave their family of morn they don’t know if they will ever see them again. When our so called law makers need help who do they call. One just called them why, he is big on defunding them. I wouldn’t have showed up. He would have been on his own. It’s called do unto others or practice what you preach. Not in the Swamp in DC

  4. Let's face it folks, you cannot pay LEO's what they are worth, you would go broke. All we ask is to pay us a decent wage so we do not have to pick up part-time work to get by. When I was working I held a full-time Security Position as well as my full-time Police job and even then I would often accept additional jobs for security work. Pay has increased since then but it still isn't enough and like I said, you can't pay us what we are worth.

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