WATCH: Bodycam Footage Shows How Fast A Routine Traffic Stop Can Turn Into A Gunfight

 April 6, 2023

Bodycam video shows the moment a Miami police officer shot 34-year-old Antwon Cooper who struggled with another police officer during a traffic stop.

Local authorities say the officer who stopped Cooper noticed he was armed, and said a handgun was recovered at the scene.

Cooper’s family hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit, arguing that the shooting was unjustified and that he never threatened officers by brandishing the weapon.

Take a look and let us know what you think about the situation, was the officer justified?

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9 comments on “WATCH: Bodycam Footage Shows How Fast A Routine Traffic Stop Can Turn Into A Gunfight”

  1. 0 to deadly in no time. And liberals want to turn traffic violations over to unarmed personal. INSANITY !! Thankfully the officers were the winners on this one. It's not always that way too often they lose.

  2. Of course the officer was justified. He had no business showing a gun. The officer had to assume he was in danger!

  3. The individual in question who was stopped was required to tell the officer that he was carrying on his person. The officer did ask him if there were any weapons in the car, but he should have asked or an any one in the car as well. Regardless, if the individual resisted which it appears he did, once the weapon was seen and due to his combative nature, the officer automatically assumed that the individual was in the intent to use such a weapon and therefore called for the use of deadly force.

    1. BINGO, and 99% of police shootings have involved sorry to have to point this out (BLACK) people NOT following police instructions and fighting with police! Point in FACT, Floyd fought with police the night he died AND he was on ILLEGAL drugs as well at the time and would have died even without police intervention! And now several police officers lives are changed forever due to political influence on something they had NO BUSINESS getting involved with in the first place!

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