WATCH: Taliban Working To Develop Air Power

By Ethan Cole on
 December 13, 2021

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12 comments on “WATCH: Taliban Working To Develop Air Power”

  1. I'm sure if they ask joe and the ho plus their brother obumer they'll gladly give them parts for repair, hell they already left aprox 20 billion dollars for them !!!!!!!!
    Plus they're sending food to for the afghan people, which the taliban will take as usual !!!!!!!!
    LET'S GO BRANDON !!!!!!!!

  2. In my opinion Biden just handed the taliban what they wanted on a silver platter. leaving many of our people there and at the mercy of the taliban. What is the Pentagon doing to fix the mess up? To hell with protocol GET OUR PEOPLE OUT OF THERE.

  3. No problem The Taliban are Boy Scouts and only do good deeds if you exclude beheadings, throwing gays off of tall buidlings, stoning women to death in soccer stadiums, etc. That is why our commander in chief gave them all those helicopters, arms, night vision goggles, etc. I am sure that Joe will send over our best mechanics and pilots to assist the humanitarian programs the Taliban will initiate.

  4. Thanks Joe for your stupidity. What comes next? Are you going to allow airplane spare parts to be shipped to Afghanistan to play nice with the Taliban? You created this mess and at least a couple of hundred Americans are still stuck over there. Have you already forgot about them?

  5. Sure do wish that "mean ole Trump" was in the office he was legally elected to.... none of this preventable misery would be happening. To the celebrity Biden cheerleaders our fellow Americans and supporters in Afghanistan have been deserted. They are suffering, some are dying and not a peep. Quick to use your access to media to badmouth conservatives and yes, President Donald J Trump... you know the one who did good things for our country and people...and son-of-a-gun actually kept his word. Have to wonder what great thing has biden done that you are most proud of for the folks who you count on to spend their hard-earned money on you?

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