WATCH: U.S. Air Force Fighter Jets Launch On Mission To Patrol Russia's Eastern Flank

Last updated: October 1, 2023

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0 comments on “WATCH: U.S. Air Force Fighter Jets Launch On Mission To Patrol Russia's Eastern Flank”

  1. EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON ???? DOD Lets out we pass Intel to Ukraine... now Jets closer to Russian Border>>>> Exactly what are the DIMWITS in DOD and the WH trying to DO???? Start a war to save the ECONOMIC disaster they created ????

    1. Bs Biden is so money hungry to pass around the world he is now pushing for a ww3 starting with Russia

      1. Pass around the world with some "accidentally' finds a way into Hunter's ventures perhaps? Inquiring minds NEED TO KNOW ...after all we, Americans are struggling with escalating gas and FOOD PRICES

    2. Do you really expect the current dumbness administration to know what they are doing? i am very concerned where the billions of our money are Actually going under pretense of help for Ukraine?? Nancy Pelosi even suggested to give Ukraine an open check!!!!! Do the Dems join Hunter Biden in continuing Ukraine deals...after all there billions of dollars at stake??

  2. Well it is past time we put some planes in the sky, the Russians need some more to think about, like how quick they can be there.

    1. The only thing the Russians are probably thinking is when they should use nuclear weapons. Biden keeps polling the Russian Bear until something happens that will leave him clueless to know what to do about it.

  3. Well you know there's no election during war time and that is all the democrats have that and the abortion story.

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