WATCH: U.S. Airstrikes Decimate Taliban Forces

Last updated July 22, 2023

The U.S. Defense Department released video U.S. Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets conducting airstrikes on Taliban narcotics production facilities in Helmand Province, Afghanistan on December 7, 2017. The Defense Department says several airstrikes were conducted overnight and that they contributed to the destriction of nearly $4 million in direct Taliban revenues.

Check out this other video of an A-10 strike on a Taliban Narcotics facility:

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23 comments on “WATCH: U.S. Airstrikes Decimate Taliban Forces”

  1. That certainly doesn't look recent! Everyone is spinning the narrative! Have you checked out the flight logs from the border and Afghanistan? Its time to start doing the right reporting and get on the right side of history. We are being decimated because our soldiers, police and allies have had their hands tied by this administration. I have spoken to several family members who are on the ground who are hiding! They aren't getting the help they deserve! I love our brave troops and the men and women who hold the line, but ease don't spin this. Thank you and I'm sorry if I offended anyone but it just infuriated me to know what I know and it's not being reported right. God bless you all

    1. Angela, I totally agree with you. Very well written and you are so right. Get your stories straight and do honest reporting. Please get our people the help they need and be honest with those of us that are at home praying that our loved ones come back safely.

      1. It is ABOUT TIME the media gets their noses out of the liberal butts - reporting is NOT the opinions of ANYONE - it is SUPPOSED TO BE FACT...As a side...I had ambitions to be a journalist but spent two years in a well known DC University when I found that part of the curriculum was to "learn" how to insert our personal opinion into stories by the way we worded "the facts"...this was so deceptive that I changed my major!!! WATCH OUT FOR ANY "journalistic opinions" in "news" reports!!!

  2. They need to do that now and show them who in the hell is the boss. That will help get our people to the airport.

  3. Yea this happened under trump when he went after their opium they were using yo find themselves Biden admin thinks Americans are stupid and have a memory like their so called boss

  4. If this was happening now the taliban would retaliate by killing Americans around the airport would be like shooting fish in a barrel go figure they lie I feel for the people over there if trump were still in office Afghanistan would be a crater in response to the taliban

    1. The whole world is suffering under This Biden/Obama administration!
      Obama said on talk show late October 2020 that being in control but behind the scene would be a 3rd term of his dream!
      Since Biden said around the same time that Obama came up with a massive election fraud plan, is amazing! 2 weeks notice not enough notice?

  5. now any soldier comes home should go directly after biden and get rid of that communist BASTARD once and for all he is not a president he is a fraudulent ILLEGITIMATE S.O.B. SO NOW IF A BANK ROBBER ROBS A BANK AND GETS AWAY WITH THE MONEY , THAT MEANS THE MONEY HE STOLD SHOULD BE HIS TO KEEP . IF A COMMIE CAN STEAL A ELECTION AND THE RAT BASTARD GETS TO KEEP IT . IS BULLSHIT.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with you but be careful so that the IRS doesn’t bring their guns after you!

  6. these articles are not current.!they are from at least 10 yrs ago. you are giving false hope to people with families in afghanistan. I am unsubscribing for this reason

    1. Linda...go ahead and burry your head in the are DEFINITELY NOT someone who should even vote - because you do NOT want to get accurate information...BTW remember the old saying or have you EVER heard of it..."keep your enemies close so you know what they are about to do to you"???? Keeping your head buried and turning away from the lessons of history only shows you as FIRST to be eliminated when they come after anyone...wait, you'll find out the hard way!

  7. This happened under Trump when he took out their poppy fields this isn’t current blundering Biden regime This debacle would have never happened under Trump if the Taliban or Isis killed one American let alone 13 that country would be turned into a litter box

  8. All the noise, accusations, "war" on drug in Afghanistan was false and fabricated. Taliban owned only 5% of drug fields, the 95% belonged to Karzai and the Government. Still Obama, heavily supported by criminal Hillary made a almost devastating war on Taliban

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