Woman Driver Tries To Run Down Cop, Forces Him To Open Fire

In April, a Delta County sheriff's deputy shot a woman he attempted to pull over for driving without license plates. Recently, the district attorney ruled that the shooting was justified. The department also released the footage of the shooting.

Traffic Stop

According to Delta County District Attorney Seth Ryan, said a deputy attempted to stop Paige Schmidt Pierce. She was on Highway 92, and the 26-year-old was driving without her plates.

Pierce decided to flee. She nearly hit a highway worker and passed many vehicles in a no-passing area. Deputies employed the use of stop sticks to get Pierce to stop.

She pulled off the road and into a private drive. Delta County Sheriff Deputy Nolan Davis pulled along behind her and quickly got out.

He was fully prepared to have to chase her on foot. Davis also has a civilian ride-along in his car.

Not Stopping

Pierce decided to hit the gas and ram her way through a small opening between the deputy's truck and another vehicle. She almost hit the officer who was running toward her.

You can see Deputy Davis firing multiple shots in the bodycam footage as the vehicle heads toward him. According to the district attorney, it was such a close call that the civilian inside Davis' truck braced for impact.

According to a witness, it almost looked like she was purposefully trying to hit the officer.

“Her trajectory fairly straight on toward Deputy Davis until the approximate time he opened fire on her.”

DA Seth Ryan

Self Defense

According to the DA, Davis fired multiple rounds because he was concerned that her trajectory would change and that she would slam him up against his truck. A witness said it looked like she would run him over with the car.

The DA would not be bringing charges against Davis, as he could not accurately say that the deputy's actions were not self-defense-related.

“Given the evidence, the People cannot disprove beyond a reasonable doubt that Davis was acting in Self-Defense, and the District Attorney cannot file criminal charges against Deputy Nolan Davis.”

DA Seth Ryan
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