Yet Another Law Enforcement Officer Ambushed, Shot In The Head

 October 17, 2021

Another police officer was ambushed, this time in Alabama. One of the Muscogee County sheriff's deputies was on his way to work early in the morning and was shot.

Officer Attacked

According to Muscogee County Sheriff Greg Countryman, the attack happened at 6:10 a.m. on October 14. The deputy was on his way to work and was near Sandfort Road and Post Ridge Apartments.

The shooter came up alongside the officer and fired a gun at him. When Phenix City police responded to the shooting call, they saw the wounded deputy in the car.

The car had crashed into the guardrail, and the deputy had been shot in the head. According to a Phenix City Police Departments' press release, the deputy was taken to Piedmont Columbus Regional hospital to be treated.

He went into surgery upon arrival, and his prognosis looks positive, according to the Associated Press. The gunman was 31-year-old Jasmin Richardson.

Suspect Flees The Scene

He also crashed his car not too long after the deputy had been shot. Richardson ran from his car after the crash into the woods.

Eventually, he turned himself into officers. According to Sheriff Countryman, Richardson was at the Russell County Jail.

The attack is under investigation, and officials have not released Richardson's motive for attacking the sheriff's deputy.

According to WTVM, Richardson is being charged with attempted murder, assault first-degree, and felony fleeing the scene of a traffic collision. He will stay at the jail while he waits for his preliminary hearing.

Injured Officer Speak Out

Though the injured deputy did not want his identity released, he spoke to WTVM over the phone, revealing additional details of the incident. He said he "wants everyone to know what a monster the gunman really is."

He thinks that Richardson shot all of the bullets in his gun. He remembers hearing at least seven shots while he was driving. One of those hit him in the forehead.

He even recalls hearing Richardson crash. He jumped out of his vehicle, not realizing he was hurt, but quickly jumped back in because the car was still moving.

Once he was back out of the car, he was approached by a soldier who saw the blood and hole in his head. Another bystander made the 911 call.

Thankfully, he has zero brain damage and thinks it may be a case of mistaken identity.

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24 comments on “Yet Another Law Enforcement Officer Ambushed, Shot In The Head”

    1. You forgot to mention Pelosi and the rest of the "defund the police" crowd and the ones who encouraged the rioters in the Northwest.

    1. Because demonRATS are embolden them. Letting them off with a tap on the hand !!!! Taliban has 1 good point, you steel lose your hands !!!

      1. Steal is to take some thing which is not yours. Steel is used to make bridges. Kind of adds to your dumb remark, doesn't it? Well done.

        1. Sadly Tom- YOU are the "dumb" one - only you weren't smart enough to understand what Shelia was trying to say! The rest of HUMANITY understood perfectly! I used to be one of those LANGUAGE NAZIs but felt better about myself when I listened and learned NOT everyone is a typist or a linguist.

      2. Sheila - YOU are 100% correct, this lands in the laps of DEMONRATS!!! However I would NEVER agree to anything the TALLY-BANN TERRORISTs do anything right. They MUTILATE young girls - rip off their clitoris, they make women slaves and reproduce like rats.

  1. Praying and hoping this officer will be OK both physically and emotionally! So uncalled for! However, today it's not uncommon for sickening events like this to occur! Appears to be due to a breakdown in our society with a lack of respect for the Rule of Law! The further Left this country goes, the worst things get! Our way of life is under attack from within! One crisis after another, and much of it manufactured to give one side what it wants! When and if they get what they think they want, they will look back and wonder why they destroyed the best country on earth! Our First Responders, Police Officers, Firemen, Armed Forces, Patriots, etc. are trying their best to help Whenever/wherever needed! Wish all government officials in Washington D.C. were
    as dedicated to Making America Great Again!

    IT'S TIME FOR CRIMINALS TO PAY THE PRICE, WE NEED THE DEATH PENALTY UP AND RUNNING !!! IF they plead guilty of murder, execution within 30 days, found guilty by trail, execution within 60 days (1 chance of Appeal) !!!!! After all few dozen quick executions, others WILL NOTICE and things will slow down immensely !!!!!!!
    SAVING US BILLIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Agree- we MUST have tougher sentencing! I love the firing squad idea, which will never happen because of WHITE demonRat lefties believing they are SAVIOURS of BLACK CRIMINALS. We must as a society get back to God and the 10 Commandments, strengthen Churches and demand ONLY CHARTER SCHOOLS FOR THE INNER CITIES. Just a start. I worked Security and a deranged Bastard began with his verbal attack then I thought he was coming across the desk at me, scared the crap out of me. If it were today, I'd be DEAD.

      1. WHAT A HYPOCRIT !!! You claim to follow the 10 Commandments , and yet you are for a firing squad ??? COMMANDMENT # 5 : THOU SHALT "NOT" KILL !!! I am done here ! TIME FOR YOU TO RETHINK YOUR OWN RELIGION !

    2. I agree with you half way , because there have been instances of people pleading guilty by force from detectives and later discovered they were INNOCENT OF THE MURDER too many times !!! IT IS CALLED COERCION I recall a few in Illinois who did 30 & 40 years in prison , later to be found INNOCENT of the crime wich stole their life from them !!!


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