100 Days Into The Ukraine-Russia War – Death, Destruction, And Economic Fallout Continue


It’s been 100 days since Russia invaded Ukraine. Unfortunately, the death, destruction, and economic fallout continue. This brutal conflict has brought the world a near-daily dose of gut wrenching horror.

From civilian corpses in the streets of Bucha; a blown-up theater in Mariupol; the chaos at a Kramatorsk train station in the wake of a Russian missile strike; and countless more.

This horror tells just part of the overall picture of Europe’s worst armed conflict in decades.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, over 21,000 civilians have been killed. Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and rebel fighters are also dead. Ukraine estimates that over 38,000 residences have been destroyed, displacing hundreds of thousands.

The most egregious Russian attacks, aside from the murder of civilians, have been on hospitals. Over 500 have been damaged with at least 296 of those having been directly attacked.

Overall, the World Health Organization estimates that almost 8 million people have been driven from their homes by the Russian invasion. While some have returned, it’s estimated that about 6 million are still displaced.

over 35% of the Ukrainian GDP has been wiped out by the war. The world economy has been drastically affected by the war as well.

It’s important to point out that the Ukrainian government is a corrupt entity that did not provide freedom to it’s citizens. However, Russia’s invasion is to be condemned completely. Especially considering the death, displacement, and economic damage to the Ukrainian citizens.

Do you think the war will end anytime soon? What is Putin’s endgame? Does he care about the damage he’s caused? Should the United States and/or NATO intervene? Let us know what you think in the comments below.




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