After Defunding Police Department, New York Leadership Asks Citizens To Prevent Violent Crime

Cities that have defunded their police departments now face a new challenge. What to do about their ever-present crime.

New York recently announced what city leadership feels is their best solution.

Rising Crimes, Solution?

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio recently changed his position on shifting funding from NYPD officers. He gave his wife, Chirlane McCray, credit for his change of heart.

McCray, co-chair of the Task Force on Racial Inclusion and Equity, said she did a survey that concludes that "more resources for our young people was right up there" with whom people want the most assistance.

Although de Blasio did not reveal how much of the NYPD's budget he is moving, he is still taking funds that the department needs. However, crime continues to rise.

According to the New York Post, in 2020, shootings doubled and rose 75 percent over the last month. There is an increase in burglaries and horrific random crimes aimed at Asian Americans.

More Poor Leadership

McCray put her two cents in on the attacks, further encouraging citizens to rise and take their own action.

McCray continues her Twitter remarks,  “Fear is a normal feeling when stepping into a confrontation, but being prepared can help.”

Her statements come with fatal flaws. Many average citizens need more than just a game plan when it comes to fighting crime.

Yong Zheng of Brooklyn tried to help a robbing victim, and he lost his life—stabbed to death by those perpetrating the robbery. Additional citizens attempting to help were also stabbed.

It clearly shows that McCray's suggestion of "asking what time it is?" has massive flaws.

Dangerous Policies

Taking funding away from NYPD officers put many of the cities residents in danger. Officers cannot properly assist residents in their communities if there are not enough of them to go around.

The dangerous policy puts both officer's lives in danger and New Yorkers' lives in danger. However, asking untrained citizens to step in where professionals should be is irresponsible.

It is not everyday citizens' responsibility to disarm thugs or step between a robber and his victim. Policies like this one will only lend to the already rising crime statistics.

It most certainly will not save lives. Instead, these politicians are using their constituents as sacrificial lambs.

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