Hundreds Of Seattle Police Officers Quit Amid Ongoing Anti-Police Sentiment

 May 24, 2021

Not many people would stay in a job with an increasingly hostile work environment with very little support. Police officers are no exception.

Many officers are calling it quits in cities where the public and policymakers have put forth an immense effort into defunding the police.

Turning in Their Badges

One of the cities that has consistently pushed anti-police policies and sentiment is now seeing officers leaving in droves. According to recently released numbers, Seattle Police Department has seen their numbers dwindle from 1,276 uniformed officers down to 1,027 officers.

In a statement to Fox News, Seattle Police Guild President Mike Solan said, "Morale is not good, and that's because we don't have the political support from our elected officials. And as we're seeing officers flee this area, it's a direct result of that lack of political support."

Officers have been leaving the SPD's police force steadily over the last couple of years, but 2020 saw a sharp decrease in their total number of officers. In a post-George Floyd world, politicians have cut ties with law enforcement, putting as much distance between themselves and officers as possible.

Solan said "hundreds" of Seattle's police officers were injured in the cities riots, and instead of support, politicians called the officers "the instigators." This has caused many officers to consider resigning and early retirement.

Taking an Early Exit

Seattle's Police Chief Adrian Diaz says that 20 percent of the officers have left the department, with 66 officers leaving in the first two months of 2021. The department is now left with a shortfall in its numbers.

One of the officers who is retiring early is Officer Clayton Powell. Powell told CBS News, he planned on staying at the department for 30 years, then retiring. Now, with 27 years under his belt, he is retiring.

Powell said, "The support that we had in my generation of policing is no longer there." He said that officers had to stand there and "take it" while demonstrators threw rocks, bottles, and cinder blocks.

"When you see businesses get destroyed and families lose their livelihood because of that destruction, and we can't do anything about it. We're not allowed to intercede."

Officer Clayton Powell

Rising Crime Stats

While department numbers dwindle, crime stats continue to rise. If politicians continue down this path, they will end up with no officers left and a mess to clean up.

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73 comments on “Hundreds Of Seattle Police Officers Quit Amid Ongoing Anti-Police Sentiment”

    1. I would give the officers all there vacations at once .3 week paid!!can't even imagine having a brick or bottle thrown at you in the dark .it's a deadly thing for sure Almighty God will deal with these rule makers and it AIN'T gonna be pretty!!you mark my words 🙏🙏

    2. This is what happens in a DEM run State........Chaos happens and they just do not care......Maybe the people in Wash. State should remember this the next time the vote........

      There exist pockets of conservatism, especially in the north and in affluent neighborhoods such as Broadmoor, as well as scattered libertarians, but for the most part Seattle is primarily a Democratic city. While local elections are officially nonpartisan, most of the city's elected officials are known to be Democrats.

    3. Maybe the police officers will move to S. Dakota where the police is respected and will welcome

  1. This was planed by Deep State: to create chaos to implement their agenda. Trump was not able to stop it; un need a young, energetic president.

    1. Trump chose not to stop it in order to expose the leftist politicians running this city and state.

      1. What could Trump have done to stop it? This is a city problem, that should have been taken care of by the city and maybe the state.

      2. Trump tried it in Portland, OR and was met with more violence and told to get the feds out. The governor did nothing! PS Seattle had that safety zone where criminals loved it and the cops were forbidden to go. I agree with all the other folks take a look at the demoncrap run cities and it's the same crap. Without Law and Order you have anarchy.

      3. What was Trump supposed to do? The NG has to be asked by states leader. POTUS can’t just send them in. That’d be Marshall law. They/Dem Gov there chose not to & made their own bed at the cost of citizens & cops well being. Democrats will be our downfall. The righteous bunch that they are. Good luck!

  2. Expose the libtard snowflake turds that give themselves personal security teams and improved home security systems-at taxpayers expense, while continuing to disparage police officers. These "woke" politicians are DISGUSTING!!!

      1. One of the main objectives of government is to keep the peace and maintain law and order. You cannot do that without a well trained police force. Without that you have anarchy. This is not rocket science!! These elected officials are put in office by a corrupt electoral system in big cities that have been ruled by a deeply corrupt Democratic Party for decades. What’s the solution? Get out as soon as you can, because BLM, Antifa and the criminal element are not going away. In fact your “duly elected officials” are allowing them to thrive and prey on the populous.

  3. Why don't they do a TRIAL run ,,,,, have ALL the police , detectives etc . ,, walk out of Seattle for 6 months . After the 6 months , do a review of Seattle and see how they're doing !!! Then , FORCE all the LIBERAL FAKE opinion networks to report on the results so all the blue states that want to defund , and or , get rid of the police can see the results .

    1. They are NOT letting their buddies down! Seattle has let them down! Get your head up and look what the officers have had to put up with!

      Formerly a Cop!

    1. The one's leaving want to see another day with their family AND are disgusted with the support from the residents and city fathers....

    2. IF you quit YOUR job would you be letting your buddies down. Ridiculous statement. We all have the right to change jobs for whatever reason.

    3. The ones staying are fools being used & zero respect given to them for putting their lives on the line daily. For over 12 long months the Dem leadership chose to look away & be a part of, which only enabled & emboldened these thugs to continue as if they’re untouchable, knowing damn well they won’t face consequences. They’ve literally created a monster army that no sane person wants to be a part of. Blm/Antifa have killed &/or injured over 700 cops & citizens. Burned down over 600 businesses & Billions in damages!
      Don’t defund. Pay them extra & give them the support they need & deserve. This is like what our military went through in Afghanistan when they were told they couldn’t shoot back. Like wtf?
      You can’t tie their arms up & expect results. This bs must stop!

  4. I hope that the rest of the officers realize the diminishing returns of a job that apparently doesn't need doing. Let Seattle realize the error of their ways. They need that lesson desparately.

  5. These people have lost their minds. The only way you can stop crime in these cities is by enforcing the law. If you defund the police and they start leaving, who is going to enforce the law. If you don't enforce the law, what good is it? We use to be a country of laws. Now we are a country of laws that are ignored and not enforced. They are worthless. They are not worth the paper they are written on. Unbelievable.

    1. The worst is yet to come, and that will be when the Left comes for everyone’s guns. Without the police, and no self-defense, today’s atmosphere will seem like Paradise.

      1. it will be a Sad day for the left when they come for the guns. because they will Leave in Bags.

      2. Remember the bumper stickers..."I'll give up my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hand !"
        Time to get a few million of those printed up again !!!

  6. What did the idiot Politicians think would happen. I hope their social workers can handle the job. No police means the citizens will be leaving next. Taxes will drop and property values will drop. Drug use and crime rates will soar. What a wonderful scenario. Their a perfect place for animals, the two and four legged kind. Then there's Oregon, how many western counties are trying to become part of Idaho. Wake up, not woke up, before you're a one county state. Be careful Idaho they bring their Blue mindset with them. I live in a Red county surrounded by blue ones. We held them off so far, but it's getting harder.

  7. Seattle should be so proud of their defund the police policy and their city looking like Gaza. What a bunch of losers. I support the BLUE. Period.

  8. Our little town is very short of police officers. We are in Bunkie, Louisiana. Maybe some might want to come here for a job.

  9. Absolutely terrible. The people of Seattle need to wake up , not woke, and send the lib politicians packing in the next elections. BTW, if PD wants effective crowd control, build water tanker rigs with high pressure nozels in a manned and protected turret and blast the rioters clean doen the street. Their fire bombs, fire works and anything else they throw at the police will wash right down the street with them. Water is non lethal, and the protesters need a bath anyway. Go for it PD !!


  10. "...politicians left with no officers and a mess to clean up?" I think you're being optimistic, Ms. Swinney. These radical rabid politicians will indeed have no officers left, but if you think they will have one speck of intention to clean the mess up, I believe you are day dreaming. This is the exact scenario they are working toward. With no officers left they will send in a gutted National Guard or some other branch of military specifically trained to control the mob. And control they will! What was the name of that showdown in the China Square a number of years back between the people and the military? How many civilians died? Did the ruling Chinese care? No! They just hosed down the streets and took control...and the same thing is going to happen here. We already have the rabid brains behind the scenes weeding out patriot soldiers and putting in their own little robots. And we have a president who's been playing footsie-tootsie with the Chinese for all his political career and his "order givers" behind the scenes orchestrating this shindig. And we have a number of cities primed for the take-over...Seattle, Portland, L.A., Chicago...but the beat won't go on. Tragic? Yes, beyond tragic that the citizens in those cities are cowering in their homes rather than understanding this repeated-through- history drama and choosing to regain lawful control of their cities.

    1. China didn't have gun ownership ,with a good taste of freedom in their lives,I don't believe the men in military would shoot down 2000 Americans walking towards the white house.military men are honorable human beings👍🇱🇷🙏

      1. it needs to be 2 Million Armed Men walking towards the White House. to remove EVERY Bad politician by force. and line them up against the wall then move to every State and do the same

    2. DiAne, I agree with you HOWEVER most of the comments here don't say much about the VOTERS are getting what they VOTED FOR!!! They asked for it so now they should suffer with it ...I have no sympathy for the voters...the police must have your support if you want their protection!!!

  11. Sad situation RE: rioting and police. I'd quit too.
    The Dems have NO regard to run a city and punish thugs! Are they really that stupid? YES
    But Dem government Biden keeps paying the thugs, allows riots, brings in Covid and drugs and cartel into USA. Allows small kids to be harmed w/ open border. He is a SICK rich man who is a proven criminal himself! No punishment for bribery and more.. Crooked one sided jerk! Maybe cartel will rape his granddaughter and see what he does then!
    Weasel won't even answer questions!! Awful what he's doing to USA.

  12. As a former police officer and Chief of police I support those officers that are leaving. If the people want safety and security they and they alone can change the political leadership. aif they don't they will not be safe in their own homes.

  13. If this is what those city officials want then let them have it. When the criminals come knocking or not knocking and just bust down their front door or late at night to do a home invasion then maybe they will realize what they have done and there will be no police to call. They get what they deserve..No I have not made this comment before...

    1. The only problem is the people who want the police will be the ones to suffer, These high paid politicians can hire someone to protect them, the average citizen can't. They must rely on the police for protection, and without the police, they will have none.

    2. Remember their stupid ‘Chaz zone’ in the height of their defund bs when a shooting erupted in there between Blm & Antifa? & Blm guy got hurt? What was the first thing outta their mouths??
      It was “Somebody call the cops!”
      Oh the irony.. lol

  14. Can't blame the police for quitting. They can't protect anyone from crime, as they are the bad guys. Let Seattle find out what a lack of police in the city will be like and what a police state Jo and Ho are pushing to make America. Wake up Seattle you are being turned into a communist hub.

  15. All of the cops in this city needs to quit or retire and then watch these city leaders cry and beg them to come back because the criminals have taken over. I would like to see it happen so I could laugh my arse off at these anti police fools.

    1. The only problem is the people who want the police will be the ones to suffer, These high paid politicians can hire someone to protect them, the average citizen can't. They must rely on the police for protection, and without the police, they will have none.

  16. They should ALL leave , no appreciation or support .
    They want to DEFUND the police , show them what that will mean .

  17. GOD BLESS THOSE GUY'S & GALS!!! They have endured hell & are still going strong. I hope those that are giving it up '
    , find better jobs where they get respected for what they do !!! My hat is off to them for their valor & strength!! AGAIN: GOD BLESS

  18. Can't blame them for the lack of support from the local, city and state leftist liberal politicians running this state.

  19. 2 points:
    1. Krushchev said back in 1956 that Russia would conquer America without firing a shot. They are succeeding. The Marxists began infiltrating the Democrat Party back in the 1950s. Today they own the universities, Chamber of Commerce, media, government (national and local), and now they are working on our school children with their BLM Marxist trope. Nothing but an honest U S citizenry can vote Marxists out of office. We apparently do not have enough honest citizens to sustain our Republic.
    2. Many American families are too busy earning a living to worry about politics. That is our downfall. There will soon be riots and chaos in all our cities. The Marxists have drawn blood, and they will not stop until America is one huge battlefield and they are winning. Only then will Americans wake up; but by then it will be too late.


  20. I was a California Highway Patrol Officer Aug 1971 to Oct 2001.

    As time went along, there were more and more hazards to being an Officer.
    Your biggest enemies are Plaintiff attorneys, politicians, and Judges.
    Plaintiff attorneys: Around 1974, Cal Gov Jerry Brown appointed Rose Bird (With no real qualifications other than being Liberal). She decided that the State could be sued for State Employees actions. Officers are State Employees. Get your Dept sued-they no longer want you.
    Politicians: I could not find out until 2014 WHY the Feds interjected themselves into Rodney King's case. An Officer familiar with Los Angeles advised me that in 1992, Pres George H W Bush came to town to start his re-election campaign . He was advised by a large group of Black ministers that unless he did something about LAPD officers involved with Rodney King's arrest--He would not get one Black vote. SO--He got FBI to send FBI Civil Rights Division to Los Angeles . Four officers were charged. For a trail in Federal Court, they drew a Judge who declared that "Use of excessive Force is a violation of Civil Rights" (RODNEY did not fell any one of those hits. He was on PCP, which was invented to be an anesthesia.)
    JUDGES: Very rare to find one who has police experience. In their non-experience, they declare laws--essentially. A case in North California had two Graveyard CHP Officers arrest an intoxicated driver. The arrestee had alcohol and drugs on board.. That driver resisted arrest, and fought officers . The only way they could subdue him was a CAROTID HOLD , known by ignorants as a "Choke Hold" .
    They drive him to jail only to find he had died in their back seat on the way to jail.
    The arrestee's family sued for Wrongful Death. In the trial, in Federal Court, the Judge pronounced that hold as a "Use OF DEADLY FORCE" --in other words, you can only use if if you could shoot him

  21. Good cops do what they can to actually help people, and keep them safe. Cruising the long hours of the night, looking for vehicles and people "out of place" for the town and time of day/night. I rode with a cop for a week, yes he could have got in trouble for this as it was done without permission. I had recently retired, divorced, kids all grown up - so I was alone and wanted to do something different.
    All I can say is that the crime you see during the day is 1/10 the crime you see at night. Most perpetrators are minority underage teens, but I saw the results of two murders, two meth labs, several drug lords apprehended besides three high speed chases that ended very badly for the Perp. One car might have been recognized for what it once was, but the other two were just shreds scattered all over the place. One car managed to jump a ditch and hit the only tree in an almost empty farmers field. Driving faster than 100mph overstretched car tires and they fail because they are mostly rated for 80mph max. At no time did my friend exceed his restrictions by police policy or state law. On two pursuits, once we got the plate number off the car, we backed off and other units waited for them at their homes to arrest them.
    An "interesting experience" I had. I saw what risks law enforcement officers take in the daily performance of their duties for the crappy pay and dangerous working conditions they endure to control crime. Sometimes it is outright arrest and detain for "booking", other times it is either a verbal or written warning then you are on your way.
    When your City Council doesn't back you up, as a police officer you move on to another job somewhere else out of the State that betrayed you. I get it. I do not blame the officer, I blame the City Council especially if they are far left liberals. Someday I hope to see AOC in cuffs, sitting on a cold plastic seat in the back of a patrol car surrounded by a cage to keep her from injuring the arresting officer. I really would like to see that in person - it would be very satisfying. "Defunding police" is stupid, childish, and dangerous for the people of a town or city. If Police are so bad, why is our President hiding behind a fence patrolled by police and a very small number of National Guard Troops?

    Wouldn't they be a direct danger to his person, too? How safe is Congress from those "bad Cops"? Even private security can be bought off - they have a price just like every other person has. "Security" has a price that can be paid by either faction in a situation. Our Government is not as safe as they think they are.

  22. The idiot politicians got there wish. If they think things are bad now, just wait. It's time to defund the idiots running that city. Backing the blue all the way.

  23. Trump offered National Guard, but Seattle and Portland refused, so there ya go! It is the State's right to accept or refuse help, President can not send NG without a State's permission.

  24. It's apparent that the politicians are on the side of the rioters! Defunding and making life unbearable for the police is giving the police good reason to resign or retire, which is in effect giving support to the rioters. I don't know any other feasible reason that there would be a push to remove police from the community? The politicians are letting the average good people of Seattle down, and it goes to show that those we put in office often do not necessarily have the greater good of the public in mind, but are actually agenda-driven. The moral of this story is - be careful who you vote for - they might actually win the election!

  25. People continue to forget that voting has consequences. Vote jerks for into office, it ain't gonna be pretty.

  26. The only problem with the police quitting, is it affects everyone, even the people that 100% support the police. I doubt whether anyone but the politicians and the thugs want to defund the police. Can you imagine what it would be like without any police. It wouldn't be safe to leave your homes or stay in your home. No place would be safe. Laws need to be enforced to the letter. That's the only thing that will stop the thugs from taking over a city. Seattle should know that by now.

  27. I loved my time as a Police Officer and believe it is the best profession in the world BUT, I don't blame these Officers one bit. It isn't so much the danger as it is the fact that are not only not getting any support from their superiors, they are actually taking abuse from them. Yes, quit and go where you are appreciated.

  28. I would give the officers all there vacations at once .3 week paid!!can't even imagine having a brick or bottle thrown at you in the dark .it's a deadly thing for sure Almighty God will deal with these rule makers and it AIN'T gonna be pretty!!you mark my words 🙏🙏

  29. Take all police/security protection away from the mayors/governors first! They don’t deserve the same protections they are hypocritically ripping away from there citizens. My prayers to all police as they are forced to seek other jobs! I don’t blame them one bit. We will
    be left with vigilante justice! To hell
    with all liberals who are supporting defunding! You will get what you deserve!

  30. Abolish the police department; hire psychologists and lawyers to enforce and released prisoners to enforce the law.


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  35. When I originally commented I clicked the "Notify me when new comments are added" checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Many thanks!

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