Austin Police Officers Indicted For Defending Themselves Against Knife Wielding Attacker

In Austin, police officers have been indicted for their connection in an officer-involved shooting. Officers shot a man who almost ran officers over with a vehicle. A year later, he moved toward officers with a knife.

Grand Jury Decision

In Travis County, a grand jury indicted Officer Christopher Taylor and Officer Karl Krycia for a 2019 officer-involved shooting. The officers shot Mauris DeSilva, who was holding a knife while in the midst of a mental health crisis.

As a result of the indictment, the two officers are being held at $100,000 bail with charges of murders and deadly discharge of a firearm. The Austin Police Department said DeSilva was holding the knife to his throat when the officers arrived.

When they ordered him to put the knife down, he initially dropped it to his side. But, according to attorney Ken Ervin, he would not drop the knife. Ervin said, "(He) was told repeatedly to drop the knife, and he did not."

According to the police department, DeSilva moved toward Taylor and Krycia with the knife in his hand, and the officers shot him. APD released a statement saying, " As Dr.DeSilva approached the officers, Officers Krycia and Taylor fired their duty weapons, and another officer deployed a taser."

Families Perspective

The family's attorney, Brad Vinson, said DeSilva was just trying to "respond to their authority." He also stated that the person who made the 911 call said that DeSilva was having a mental health crisis.

He believes that they should have responded differently or brought along a health care professional. "Vinson said to KXAN, " They didn't handle it like that. And because of that, someone died when they shouldn't have."

At this time, it is not known whether or not Taylor and Krycia knew that DeSilva was having mental health issues. Ervin admits that knowing likely would not have changed a thing.

Ervin states, "That knife is going to supersede everything else." Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza did not allow a use of force expert to give his testimony in front of the grand jury. This testimony said the officers were legally justified.

DeSilva's family is looking for justice to help with their grief, while Garza attempts to fulfill campaign promises. Officer Taylor has also been indicted for the murder of career criminal Michael Ramos. A case Garza promised he would put at the "top of his investigation list."

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