BLM Says Police Officers Shot In The Line Of Duty Should Not Be Called Heroes

By Ethan Cole on
 January 27, 2022

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) DC chapter took to Twitter over the weekend to voice its displeasure with police officers being called heroes when they are shot in the line of duty.

The group feels that this designation is automatically given to law enforcement officials, regardless of their actions, and does nothing but further the divide between the police and the black community.

In reality, it's sickening statements like this that furthers the divide.

Multiple things can be true at the same time. We can praise the heroic acts of law enforcement while demanding accountability. In fact, it can be argued that we do exactly that in America today.

It is ludicrous that anyone would diminish the heroic nature of first responders shot in the line of duty. They put their lives on the line to protect ours and they should be honored as such.

We will not allow BLM to hijack this conversation and paint all police officers as villains. We owe it to the memory of those who have fallen to stand with those who stand for others.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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44 comments on “BLM Says Police Officers Shot In The Line Of Duty Should Not Be Called Heroes”

  1. We are witnessing the breakdown of society and it's all because the radical left want to destroy this country--their godlessness is like a flaming fire.

  2. Some people are blinded with hate, and makes them so unhappy!
    May The Lord open their eyes and their hearts to His love for them!

  3. i think blm is a poor example of ANYTHING. not good for any HUMAN. the only thing they stand for: greed and violence and destruction. put them down like the rabid dogs they are. and who do we have the pleasure of blaming this on.......the democRATS, as usual

  4. BLM is a violent, racist, family destroying, Marxist organization that needs to be shutdown and labeled as a terrorist organization !!!!!!!

  5. BLM are a Communist Front group that exists to extort money from "woke" businesses so their leadership can buy large houses and expensive cars. Not one dime they raise goes back to the Black Community. I don't want you to believe this. I want you to look it up yourself.

  6. They knew the danger when they signed up to be cops- LETS HAVE A HEROES PARADE FOR GEORGE FLOYD- his hero murdered him !!!

  7. All lives matter. Not just black ones. Regardless of your or my viewpoint, a first-responder will still show up when called. In my mind, that alone makes them heroes.

  8. If Blacks ever realize that although they represent 13% of the population, they are responsible for 75% of the crime in this country, they wouldn't have to be at odds with law enforcement. Will they ever learn???

  9. I don't know about cops where they live. But here I have nothing but admiration for our PD!! Get out of the Hood, get rid of your guns and knives. Quit complaining and start making a positive change!!! The men and women who have to approach cars especially at night put themselves at high risk!! In a town next to here, a car was parked on the side of the road. A Cop approached the car to see if they needed help. He was shot to death out of the blue! The shooter was black and from New York! I have a good friend who happens to be black. Her daughter had a baby with a black man. They separated but kept in touch a little bit. One day he showed up to take her to New York to get some things for the baby. While there, he shot the young mother to death! Yes, there are bad whites, and good and bad cops. But if they put themselves in harms way, THEY ARE HEROES!!!!

  10. did u know nationwide cops keep track of how many bullets they shoot but not how many innocent civilians or un-armed people they kill or shoot !? they dont even keep track of how many people die in thier jails nation wide ! so dont call them heros until they ALL consistently treat we the people with more respect !

  11. IfBLM did make a comment like that, then they should no longer consider themselves Americans. They are part of the lawlessness.

  12. Until the thugs of BLM realize that the men and women behind badge are true American Hero’s! Not only are they dealing with your crap but they are humans and they have problems too. Most importantly they have to worry about being ambushed by a cowards who is to scared to face them face to face.

  13. Lastly until they wear the uniform and sit there asses in a patrol car answering calls like me and other Officers do I don’t pay attention to nothing those thugs say!!

  14. If you do not do as your told by law enforcement & try to flea or assault them YOU DESERVE what you get! If they are treating you unfairly you may get an attorney and address it in court. You will still be alive to do just that if you comply. Our states attorney generals need to pass laws that if you do not comply you &/or your families do NOT get any payouts for being /\holes. Most of them are out there for the benefit of all of us & most ARE heroes just for putting that badge on!

  15. Soon as BLM is labeled terrorists we will stop. There are no bigger racists, bigots and haters than BLM and their filth suppprters.

  16. i thought blm was retreating with tail between legs, they have little mainstream support - just jealous that the fallen from harlem could garner so much support.

  17. OK people HERE COMES THE CENSORSHIP. I commented on this article on the 27th. It posted but NOW IT'S NOT THERE. It was a simple comment that ALL lives matter, not just black ones. Apparently censorship is even spreading to here.

    1. It seems to me that this BLM is just a cover name for a CRIMINAL Organization-put in place so that black people can Loot, Burn, and Kill at will!? One reason that this organization is in place so powerfully recently is because Democrats are pandering to them, and will let LET THEM DO ANYTHING-for their vote! Same as letting illegals come across the border, ILLEGALLY, and UNTESTED, and given money, voting power, and flights to who knows where-JUST FOR THEIR DAMN VOTE!!


  19. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) DC chapter took to Twitter over the weekend to voice its displeasure with police officers being called heroes when they are shot in the line of duty.
    They are HEROS and the BLM is a Communist Terrorist against America and should be shot on sight as terrorists

  20. Police do not answer calls by checking race or gender.
    They do not stop traffic by first checking race or gender.

    BLM aims in selecting and protecting their choice of race.

    This is the main difference between police and adversaries.

    It is a shame not to recognize the role of police community
    in their no question attitude and give them credit in the
    majority of results.

    Stop "defund police"


    1. Bad guys are bad guys - period. Even if they're calico.
      Criminal Blacks try to camouflage their illegal and often deadly activities by declaring "Racial Prejudice". Tain't so!
      Liberal media is as crooked as the felons. Their goal is to incite revolt and destroy the USA.

  21. Refund the police, they protect citizens from criminals, police saves lives and sacrifice their own. Police are also human they make mistakes. Defund the police is injustice!

  22. We all know - and the cops know - that they're not the most popular guys in town. But when they're needed, they become very popular for a short time. As for being heroes, most aren't and they'd no doubt be the first to admit it. Like many other professions there's danger in what they do and that should be taken into consideration. Defund them? Absolutely not! As it now stands, their hands are tied and they're very restricted in what they can do. So give law enforcement a break and let them do their jobs. If that was done we law abiding citizens might be very pleasantly surprised.+

  23. Really now
    ...and what kind of designation did George Floyd get, plus a monument and a HIGH class funeral, that he in no way deserved.You BLM Liberal idiots unbelievable. Goback to your rioting , looting and burning because that's all you're good at.

  24. GOD BLESS all our policemen..........They are heros every day .......All those negative AH's that talk against our police are nothing but terrorists themselves and deserve to have their mouths taped shut for being the hateful terrorists they are..........

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