BODYCAM: Dramatic Police Chase Ends with Shocking Collision and Gunfire Exchange on Busy Highway

 October 19, 2023

A high-speed police chase in Oklahoma resulted in collisions and gunfire after three suspects allegedly stole from a Tractor Supply store and fled the scene.

Pursuing officers performed a tactical intervention, causing the suspects' vehicle to spin out, and an officer fired a shot at the vehicle when the driver allegedly crashed into another officer's vehicle.

The suspects managed to escape and hide in the woods, but were later arrested after being identified by local reporters.

Watch the video to see the dramatic chase unfold.

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8 comments on “BODYCAM: Dramatic Police Chase Ends with Shocking Collision and Gunfire Exchange on Busy Highway”

  1. Officer didnt have to shoot at vechicle!!! Just block him in. Ready to grab gun instead of using common sense!!

    1. Stop blaming the police for what these criminals do! The criminal caused this and may have killed innocent people by not pulling over! He was driving on the wrong side of the road during half the pursuit!

  2. What's wrong with police now!!! Good example here! Get his tag & go to his house in 15 minutes. No need in putting innocent civilians at risk running 100 mph. Stop chasing & he will slow down.

    1. Know it all...have all the answers do you? Right...let the criminals go, because that license plate will reveal all you need to know...until it comes back as a stolen license plate...

      Here where I live, load car drivers speed, run in the opposing lanes of traffic, and cause deadly crashes before officers even get knowledge there's a crime in progress.

      It must be great to be so smart you know more than anyone else.

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