BODYCAM: Oregon State Police Officer Cleared in Shooting of Armed Gunman

By Ethan Cole on
 December 20, 2023

In this harrowing video, an Oregon State Police officer shoots and kills an armed gunman. While it's hard to see in the bodycam footage, the suspect appears to have fire first. If the suspect did not fire first, he at least opened fire at the same time.

A grand-jury has ruled that officer's shooting of the suspect was justified.

Of course, anti-cop advocates are already calling foul. It's insane that even with footage of the event, anti-cop advocates don't understand the conditions in which an officer of the law is allowed to shoot a suspect.

While the Grand Jury decided the actions of the Oregon State Police officer were justified, there are an unfortunate number of cases on the rise where officers are not being cleared for clean shoots.

It's important to note that we don't justify all Police shootings, far from it. But if an officer acts within the use of force continuum set out by their department, they should be cleared.

Hopefully, this case will open the doors for more officers being cleared when they did the right thing. As always, let us know what you think in the comments below.


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21 comments on “BODYCAM: Oregon State Police Officer Cleared in Shooting of Armed Gunman”

  1. Couldn’t see anything. Officer had his hand over the camera. Couldn’t tell if the shooting was justified.

    1. of course it was...; the fact that the fool kept walking and didnt obey the police commands is proof enough for me

    2. hell you could see where bullets were hitting around the cop when he fell in the water....

  2. Suspect must have been black because that’s the only thing that would get WHITE anti-cop advocates in a fake uproar.

  3. A police officer's responsibility is to protect the public.When he, the police officer, sees a gun in the suspect's hand, he doesn't wait to see who will be shot by the suspect. Too many people have become anti-law-enforcement because of the coverage by the media on shootings after they have occurred, and the public is left to doubt ALL police shootings. Should the police on the scene wait till the suspect takes the first shot(s), and maybe the police will be the one shot, then what????

  4. Time for the Obama rules of engagement: Officers must allow suspects the first shot and if they survive, they can then return fire. Given the cop haters usual behavior, however, the percentage of the antis approving of this method would likely be low.

    1. Shoot them first. Don't wait for them to shoot. Obama is anti American. The majority of the American loving people feel the same way.

  5. in vietnam had I waited for the other bastard with a weapon to fire I would have been the person who died for his country and not the other guy..

  6. The only problem is the god worshiping, dead demonrat criminal will continue to vote early and vote frequent for the next century or until Judicial Watch@ needs to waste their donations removing the dead demonrat voters from the demonrat registered voter lists .

  7. one less god worshiping demonrat going around to impregnate the demonrat female cum dumpters that don't know who their babies daddy are .

  8. I watched the video several times, the officer slips in the mud and you can see water spraying all around from the suspect's bullets being fired at him before the officer can shoot back.

    1. This is not the same video released yesterday, does not show the officer slipping and falling, never the less, the suspect does shoot at the officer and does not comply with commands.

  9. This video was altered from the first one shown yesterday, I guess that's what the Fake News does to divide us and stir up shit, just like Jan 6 insurrection. Tucker Carlson shows the real tape.

  10. Dear activists, move to Argentina. It is a better fit for you.
    Obviously theRepublic of the United States isn’t.

  11. Thank God for officers like this who put their own lives on the line for the public...we have enough mental morons running around with guns who think (because idiot libers okay it) that they dont need to obey police commands... Hope this officer is celobrated and decorated for his courage in the line of fire!!! God bless you Sir!!

  12. As a retired law enforcement officer and with the information I have available the grand jury got it right! With all the uproar created by the left it leaves no doubt why police are quitting in droves. No one in their right mind wants to subject themselves to the fact that you can be convicted and imprisoned for following your training and doing your job! Things like this is why firearm sales are skyrocketing as people feel they have to protect themselves because police can no longer do their job!

  13. I watched the video and the cop had every reason to fire, you can see the bullets hitting the water and the area around the cop. You can also see the blue light (blue dot laser or some thing similar) coming from the assailants fire arm. The assailant thought he had hit the cop and came back to try and finish him off from the view I saw, he was not backing down and he continued to fire upon the cop.

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