Fox News Analyst's Brother Killed In Chicago By Gunfire Despite Most Restrictive Gun Control Laws In The Country

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, which has done little to deter criminals there from using firearms to commit violent crimes. An average of 2 or more are killed from gun violence in the city each day. Tragically, many of these victims are innocent people trying to go about their daily lives.

One of these recent deaths was the younger brother of Fox news analyst Gianno Caldwell. He is asking for assistance from the public identifying the killers.

Caldwell's younger brother, Christian, was outside when a black SUV pulled up and several occupants opened fire. Christian was killed and several other bystanders were injured in the senseless attack.

"Living in Chicago should not come with a death warrant,... But for so many people there, it does."

Gianno Caldwell

Caldwell is using his platform to bring attention to the Chicago violence issue and is critical of the city's policies that he believes are contributing to the problem.

He asks for prayers for his family during this difficult time, as well as for others who have lost loved ones to Chicago violence.

Unfortunately, thanks to the unconstitutional policies against gun ownership in Chicago, law abiding citizens are unable to protect themselves. This is a prime example of how gun control is an utter failure at preventing violent crime.

Let us know your thoughts about gun control and violence in Chicago in the comments below.

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24 comments on “Fox News Analyst's Brother Killed In Chicago By Gunfire Despite Most Restrictive Gun Control Laws In The Country”

  1. Gun control is not the answer. Guns don't kill, the person with the gun is the one pulling the trigger. The ones with guns most likely bought the gun off of the street. A criminal isn't going to go to the gun store to get one, it would be to expensive. Criminals can buy a gun from anyone off of the street. If a gun can kill then I guess a car drives drunk (not the driver).

  2. It is not the gun that needs control but the person using it is in great need of CONSULTANT, MEDICAL and very much FAMILY help.

  3. Gun laws have always been worthless, we would be better offif everyone was allowed to carry which would actually deter gun violence. You have to think twice when there is 100% of a chance rounds will be coming back at you. Stupidity reigns supreme in cities like Chicago.

    1. That is an extremely stupid and dangerous "better off if" scenario. Is it the same as give all the dangerous drugs to druggies then others will think twice about using??? or give a car and allow anyone to drive to cut down on car accidents? Give a scalpel to anyone who wants to "cut" someone and call them a doctor/surgeon? Gerry - read what you write before you send it...Let all the decent people move away from Chicago and let the "gunners" live/die together at each others' hands ...leave innocents alone if they're not there...the "gunners" will only have each other & each other's children to go after then...

      1. All right Ali , if you compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges you wouldn't be making these stupid statements...
        Try DEFENSE TO AGRESSION for a comparison and see how that turns out...,

  4. Gianno my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. Please know your brother Christian is in a loving and safe place. I know you want him to be with you and your family, but remember he is in the Lords Army now, and he will keep you strong in the fight for right!

  5. LMAO,lightfoot screaming blaming trump for her gang shooting a five year old . It's her gang of killers. She enables them. Need a cattle call for her killers. Chicago,perversion,blood bath,socialism,corruption,filth,communism. Third world country. Elite in limosins being guarded by gun toting tribe. Live in Hyde park behind gates like judge bombing Aryes,dorn. Chicago city of felons

  6. We put up with this garbage 2nd amendment says not to infringe. So take it to the Supreme Court. We have at least four maybe five or six.

  7. That s why concealed carry is so important. But the fools can,t see it. Wait til it comes to their house. It,ll be too late then. They,re all fools. They need to be removed from government positions. Don,t deserve it. They are putting innocent lives in jeopardy. Live with it!!!!

    1. David - - the ONLY way these people got into office was by the people's votes and the only way to get them out is by people's are they ALL criminals- "concealed" or not?

  8. In my opinion if the guns are taken away from law abiding citizens the criminals will be the only ones having them. If all the citizens, without a felony record, over the age of 21 are required to carry guns there will be little if any crime.

    1. History begs to say otherwise. Take away our guns and we the people will be defenseless against the government. Germany for example in WWll took all the peoples guns and then persecuted millions of its citizens. They could not defend themselves from the tyranny. Japan decided to not invade the US because every house was armed, or so they thought. Tighten the laws a out using a gun. Make it automatic life in hardcore prisons like Riker Island or Attica. Use a ghost gun and its the needle or the big zap. No pussy DA'S or judges. Take our guns and it'll be civil war. A very lopsided civil war. No mercy...

  9. When criminals know in advance that they won’t be punished for their crimes, they don’t have an incentive NOT to break our laws.

  10. Lightfoot is a far leftist as is the Governor they don’t care about the body count stacking up it’s all about themselves and I gotta say the people of chicago are no better! This high crime is on you by refusing to get rid of these murderers that’s what you’re leftist Governor and mayor are just remember Karma’s a biatch if you don’t get rid of it! Illinois is not a destination wanna go visit state! High crime is not a good selling point to win over people!

    1. I lived in Illinois most of my life. Don't tar and feather the whole state for what goes on in Chicago! The rest of the state is pretty nice. The rest of Illinois is certainly worth a visit or worth moving to for a great life.

  11. If you want to curb violent gun crimes, give everyone a gun. They are doing just the opposite and it isn't working very well for them.

  12. My deepest sympathy for Christian’s family! May he RIP! Regarding the gun issue, “I would rather be armed and not need it than to need it and not be armed!”

  13. Gianno, my prayers and sympathy are with you and your family in the loss of your brother Christian. I pray God will comfort and give all of you strength as you go through your grief.
    So many lives are needlessly lost in this violent City. I hope the voters will vote new people in who will clean up this City because this has been going on for too long.
    Getting rid of law abiding citizens guns will not stop this violence. Locking up the killers and raising children to have good hearts and respect the sanctity of life will help. There are some who are just evil, but I think most of Chicago's problems are gangs and corruption.

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