Felon Shoots 2 Chicago Police Officers Out Of Nowhere

One of the tools used by Chicago police officers is ShotSpotter. The technology allows them to identify and locate a gunshot with accuracy, so law enforcement can coordinate a timely response and reduce violence.

Gunshot Alert

On May 16 around 7 a.m., Chicago police got an alert via ShotSpotter on the 1400-block of South Lawndale Avenue. Multiple Chicago Police Department officers responded to the call.

In recently released bodycam footage, you can see officers attempt to make contact with the suspect, who walks away from the officers. The suspect was identified as Bruce Lua, 45.

Refusal To Stop

In the footage you here an officer say, "Hey buddy, just drop it, man!! Hey! Stop right there! Show me your hands!"

Lua did not respond to officers and kept walking. He continued to ignore them walking into an alleyway. Officers continued to follow him.

“We can get you some help, man. Drop it, man. All’s you gotta do is just drop it. We’re here to help you, man. Drop the gun.”

Chicago Police Department Officer

Still, Lua would not quit walking, nor would he talk to the officers. He continued into an alley that ran behind the 1500-block of South Lawndale Avenue, until a patrol car blocked his path.

Attempting to Stop the Suspect

The two officers got out of the vehicle ordering him to show them his hands. 'Why?" was Lua's response as he pulled out his gun and shot them both.

As soon as Lua shot at the two officers, multiple officers fired back at him, hitting him. In the video, you can hear Lua say, "They shoot me!" One of the officers responds, "You shot at us." Lua was shot in the leg and will recover.

Lua is charged with aggravated battery, attempted murder, and unlawful use of a weapon. According to prosecutors, a 28-year-old officer was shot in the hip and the shoulder, while a 26-year-old officer was hit in the hand.

The two officers went to the hospital for treatment and went home the same day. When Lua shot the officers, he was waiting for his trial on a misdemeanor assault charge, which he was out on bail for $10,000. His bond is now set at $10 million.

Lua could have avoided the additional charges and the gunshot wound if he had responded to the officers requests to stop and put up his hands. Instead, he chose to shoot at the officers, which led to the other officers return fire.

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