Suspect In Handcuffs Grabs Holstered Weapon, Pulls Trigger

Suspect arrests do not always fall into the textbook category. Often, something goes wrong, and law enforcement officers struggle to get the suspect under control.

In the case of one Las Vegas Police officer, the arrest went very wrong.

July 4th

A group of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officers was working a concert the evening of July 4th. The concert was being held at Allegiant Stadium.

According to a press conference given by Assistant Sheriff Laz Chavez, officers saw a man shove a security officer. He then ran away from the scene on foot.

When the officers saw him run away, they pursued the suspect. The suspect, Lyndon Troung, was caught by the officers but was not very submissive.

In fact, officers had a hard time cuffing him. Chavez stated, “Mr. Troung was not compliant, and the officers struggled with him in order to get handcuffs on his wrists.”

In Handcuffs

When the officers finally did get Troung in handcuffs, he continued to resist arrest. Chavez said the he "became more aggressive towards them." The officers were working on getting Troung into the elevator to be placed in a holding cell.

In the bodycam footage, you can see him continue to fight with the officers. One officer said, "Relax, man. You’re okay. We’re here to help you."

When of the other officers thought that Troung could be on something. To get his handcuffs adjusted, the officers pushed him up against the wall, but at the same time, Troung reached down and got one of the officer's Glocks.

Officer's Injured

As the security footage shows, he got a hold of the gun while he was handcuffed.

“The firearm was secured in a duty holster that was mounted on the officer’s duty belt. Mr. Troung was able to insert one of his fingers into the holder and pulled the trigger of the firearm.”

Assistant Sheriff Chavez

When the shot went off, the officers were startled. The officer resecured his weapon and informed the others that he had been hit. In the video, you can hear one of the officers yell for a tourniquet.

Troung was held on the ground until medical assistance arrived. He was taken to the hospital for treatment due to medical personnel's advice.

Both of the injured officers were also treated at the hospital then sent home. LVMPD is investigating to see if the holster is at fault.

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