Suspect In Handcuffs Grabs Holstered Weapon, Pulls Trigger

 July 10, 2021

Suspect arrests do not always fall into the textbook category. Often, something goes wrong, and law enforcement officers struggle to get the suspect under control.

In the case of one Las Vegas Police officer, the arrest went very wrong.

July 4th

A group of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officers was working a concert the evening of July 4th. The concert was being held at Allegiant Stadium.

According to a press conference given by Assistant Sheriff Laz Chavez, officers saw a man shove a security officer. He then ran away from the scene on foot.

When the officers saw him run away, they pursued the suspect. The suspect, Lyndon Troung, was caught by the officers but was not very submissive.

In fact, officers had a hard time cuffing him. Chavez stated, “Mr. Troung was not compliant, and the officers struggled with him in order to get handcuffs on his wrists.”

In Handcuffs

When the officers finally did get Troung in handcuffs, he continued to resist arrest. Chavez said the he "became more aggressive towards them." The officers were working on getting Troung into the elevator to be placed in a holding cell.

In the bodycam footage, you can see him continue to fight with the officers. One officer said, "Relax, man. You’re okay. We’re here to help you."

When of the other officers thought that Troung could be on something. To get his handcuffs adjusted, the officers pushed him up against the wall, but at the same time, Troung reached down and got one of the officer's Glocks.

Officer's Injured

As the security footage shows, he got a hold of the gun while he was handcuffed.

“The firearm was secured in a duty holster that was mounted on the officer’s duty belt. Mr. Troung was able to insert one of his fingers into the holder and pulled the trigger of the firearm.”

Assistant Sheriff Chavez

When the shot went off, the officers were startled. The officer resecured his weapon and informed the others that he had been hit. In the video, you can hear one of the officers yell for a tourniquet.

Troung was held on the ground until medical assistance arrived. He was taken to the hospital for treatment due to medical personnel's advice.

Both of the injured officers were also treated at the hospital then sent home. LVMPD is investigating to see if the holster is at fault.

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19 comments on “Suspect In Handcuffs Grabs Holstered Weapon, Pulls Trigger”

    1. Yes holster may have failed. All waist belt holsters worn by law enforcement have a retention clip on them. Making it difficult for a subject to grasp an pull the officers duty weapon.

      1. I'm not sure if I missed the part of why he was being arrested for in the first place. He shoved a security guard but what was the security problem with the man . not stated in ARTICAL . this artical should be a little more in depth . maybe the man had a good reason to shove the security guard. You think all law officers follow the law . bullsh-t. Most of them have that swollen head syndrome """I AM GOD AND YOU OBEY """ Obey my ass. If you did not see me commit a crime you better keep your shit pickers off of a person. And they better have proof of the crime.. These cops with this syndrome are part of the problem with police. And now with a communist in our WHITEHOUSE you can NOT TRUST ANY FORM OF LAW ENFORCEMENT. THEIR COMMUNIST LAWS DONT WORK ON US AMERICANS.WE WILL IGNORE ANY LAW THAT COME FROM A COMMUNIST . SO IF YOU ARE LAW ENFORCEMENT AND YOU ARE WORKING WHILE THIS COMMUNIST IS IN OUR WHITEHOUSE . YOU BETTER EXSPECT EVERYTHING AINT GOING THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO. AND DONT STEP IN MY YARD UNLESS INVITED. PUSH THOSE VACCINES UP THE COMMUNIST ASSES.

  1. LOL, the holster at fault?
    Never the idiot who pulled the trigger?
    (It appears, at first glance, the suspects hands and fingers were small enough to slip into the holster, OR, the holster design had an open slot exposing the trigger, which is what most holsters have...
    Just an unpreventable accident.

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  4. It just PROVES that ANY NON-COMPLIANT suspect is a REAL DANGER & THREAT to LE personnel...... PERIOD!!!
    It doesn't matter if the suspect is black, white, red, yellow, or purple!!! The RISK is real; LE have a DUTY to protect THEMSELVES and the public from these idiots. LE personnel don't go to work, every single day, and contemplate "who am I going to shoot today"???
    They, like everyone I know, just want to make it through the day and return to their families!!
    Resisting LAWFUL COMMANDS from any LE officer is a recipe for injuries and/or death. Pure and simple!!!!!
    In other words..... be smart and stay alive!!
    If you disagree with the arrest, your attorney can present the case in court.
    Stupid people do stupid things and the "herd" gets thinned out..... just as Darwin surmised!!
    To ALL Patriots, Stay Safe from the leftie hoards and watch your six!!
    Joe, Proud USAF vet.

      1. Put the kool-aid down and look around. Gas prices OVER $3/gallon; violent crime at all time highs; illegal aliens surging across the southern border; and the xiden regime unable/unwilling to do anything to help.... kinda like your unsubstantiated claim that conservatives are the problem.
        Go back to your basement and leave the discussion to the adults who KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!

        1. You cant fix stupid n these people who voted biden in well we know he wasnt voted in it was stolen but the few votes he got had to be stupid sob u know

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