City Defunded Police Now Offering Massive Hiring Bonuses Amid Skyrocketing Violent Crime Rates

 December 11, 2021

Surprise! Defunding the Police has a negative affect. Let me say that again, more slowly... DEFUNDING THE POLICE HAS FAILED.

But of course, you already know this if you follow our news site.

In a completely expected turn of events, violent crime in Oakland California has skyrocketed following the defunding of the Oakland Police department. Not to mention the extreme micro-managing of the force by city council.

Oakland City Council President Pro Tem Sheng Thao, who is running for mayor, made a profound statement regarding the state of affairs in her city:

We are in a public safety emergency right now,” Thao told the news outlet. “It feels like every day we face a new senseless tragedy. And at the same time, our shrinking police force does not have the resources to adequately serve our community.


Apparently Oakland is facing a shortage of over 60 officers at the moment. Can you blame them? The woke city has had it out for Law Enforcement for quite some time now. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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48 comments on “City Defunded Police Now Offering Massive Hiring Bonuses Amid Skyrocketing Violent Crime Rates”

    1. Their mistakes are going to bite the public in the ass, the politicians have their own security but denied security to you.

    2. The sad part is the politicians make the mistakes and we pay for them. The city needs to be burned to the ground for the misery they have caused.

  1. Defund them, dont have their backs and microscope every thing they do and they will leave you. Then you cry because they left and think money will now bring them back? You folks made your bed now lay in it. I wouldnt blame the rest if they moved to greener pastures.

    1. Moving to greener pastures is exactly what's happening in New York City. Officers are quitting the police force and moving to cities in other states where they will be respected, AND properly funded

      1. Sadly - many citizens of NY and NJ have been moving in droves to greener pastures such as
        Florida. As a Florida resident, I can't blame them! However, I do hope they do not bring their politics with them - electing the same liberal and corrupt morons who have outrageously raised their taxes and destroyed their environment. The reason FL is safe is because of governors such as DeSantis, Rick Scott and Jeb Bush. We do not want to see them replaced with such people Cuomo, et al. We also need to have such politicians as the Pelosi, AOC and other woke politicians banished from the hill! Pat


    1. So what , you just keep building more jails for the community to have to pay to keep them, I don’t know what the solution is but it’s just utterly ridiculous how all these people are getting away with what they are doing and have been doing, stealing, burning things down. The politicians just arrest them and let them go, no restitution no consequences for what they did yes just let them know they can do what I want and get away with it. These criminals have no respect for themselves much less anybody else so they can shoot you by looking at you when I don’t bother them one bit , they’re animals.

        1. I agree no warehousing. They should be put to hard labor and no phones, no TV, those who cannot read should be taught and a carefully chosen library should be made available including stories of our founding and the hardships that they endured. No welfare, there are a lot of public service jobs that could be done as well as jobs that could help elderly and infirm like repairing, painting, mowing, cleaning etc. Workfare builds , welfare breaks down.

    2. To heck with jail put themk out of r=their miserable lives then we do not have to pay for years then have them come back.

  2. I can see liberals being actors or musicians and poets but to have them in critical government positions is insanity. They simply do not know how reality works. They constantly do the wrong things from being decieved by lies.

  3. Law and order. Period! There MUST be a consequence for all the bad/criminal behavior. AND there must be restitution to those who are harmed. When you defund police and allow liberal/woke politicians to invoke policies that allow the criminal element in the at large population to do whatever they feel like doing, then you will get more criminal behavior. More US residents will be harmed because being out-and-about on or streets will not be safe. Once we get back to a position where Law-And-Order is the norm we can turn this outrageous conduct around. Perhaps we should also charge and arrest and sue those politicians along with the criminal element that they are protecting and constantly/consistently releasing back onto our streets. And, it goes without saying, removing said politicians from their office. And then we can finally get back to feeling that our constitutional rights will not be trampled…
    A lot of the really bad behavior could have been PREVENTED if the liberal/woke politicians ENFORCED THE LAWS instead of turning a blind eye to the enforcement of the law.

  4. Many cities would love to have these officers, they should all quit and go to places where they are wanted. Screw Iakland and these other woke cities, they get what they deserve.

  5. No ones wants to. follow rules or laws, but we all have too, if we want to enjoy living and life. P.S. Don't Run when you get caught breaking the laws/rules, the spanking by parents will always be harder. Same principal in life. Remember, words are soon forgotten, actions speak "LOUD". Bless you all.

  6. It served the morons right. Even before it actually started happening any one with half a brain would realize that reducing law enforcement would increase crime. Of course the politicians that decided to defund don't even have half a brain, they are liberals!!

  7. California has always been the land of Fruits and NUTS. They are as loony as they can be like San Francisco, LA, Portland, Seattle. It is long overdue for the adults to take over the state. As soon as you make black lives matter and antifa terrorist organizations you will see a dramatic drop in crime everywhere.

    1. And flakes, don't forget the flakes. California is the breakfast cereal of states, fruit, nuts, and flakes. Lol

  8. The liberal idiots are reaping the crop they showed. Less police = more massive crime surge. All you "woke" people better wake up to reality.

  9. Stupid is as Stupid does. What did they think, crime would just go away if there were no police. I think they thought having Police officers was the cause of crime. DUMB....

  10. Duh! What did they expect? Crime would go away when there was no one there to enforce the laws? Real smart people. If you get rid of your Army then the enemy will not invade you, right?

  11. We messed up . How to fix now? Boy are you bad people any one hurt after you defunded should sue those responcible.

  12. They got what they deserve take the protection from the politicians and give it to the citizens the was given permission to assalt the politicians not the citizens

  13. We citizens are now getting what we deserve for not doing out homework prior to elections. We're paying one hell of a price for being so lazy.

  14. Defunding the police is a very clear example that you get what you vote for. It’s not only defunding, but failing to support our police. The local elections have major impacts.

  15. The police are the only thing keeping liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks, Antifa and BLM alive.
    It will be interesting to see how many of them die before they start whining for more cops.

  16. Police do not need or want political guidance. Hire quality people and train them and then let them do their job without political interference. I speak from 35 years, most of it running a criminal investigation unit. The Penal Law and Criminal Procedure laws tell what a cop needs to be done. Keep the politicians out of it

  17. Same thing happened 50 years ago with the Black Panthers. Politicans failed to back police. and woke elites welcommed the Panthers - also in NYC. Read Thomas Wolfe's - MAU MAUING the Flack Catchers.

  18. You get what you ask for. I hav zero care for these cities. The voters are the most brain damaged anti America there is on the face of the earth. Look at Europe,Africa,Australia. Their citizens have zero recourse. Heathens,haters,hedonites. And now America has been brought too the thresh hold of genocide by our tax paid politicians.

  19. Most Liberals are conceptually incompetent. Their notion of reality or world view is based on a Hollywood + Disneyland perspective that skews their view of human nature. The West coast was once a beautiful place. It is now becoming a no-go place where leftist gangs, criminals and corrupted officials rule. It will be decades before it ever changes.

  20. These cities deserve what they have coming. What the hell are they thinking. No police no crime. Free reign for criminals without enforcement.

  21. It seems the significant increase in crime is primarily in those areas that went on a defund the police binge. That means democrat liberal areas run and/or influenced by buffoons.

  22. Wonder who voted these politicians into office, could it have been the Oakland voters? Perhaps they should have determined their political positions before casting a ballot?????????????????

  23. It's time for all law enforcement agencies to form a national police union. It will include any members of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies who wish to join. If micky mouse governors and mayors and legislators want to defund an agency, the national chapter can call for appropriate strikes. The dues paid will cover hiring the very best defense attorneys for any criminal or civil lawsuits that police hating members of government wish to bring. It will also cover public relations where the details of a "victim's" conduct are given equal exposure to the current one sided display we now get from the MSM. The union will be able to negotiate in various areas of police conduct including the rediculous "rules of engagement" we now see in so many instances where officers are required to exercise absurd degrees of restraint that endanger their lives and the lives of fellow officers and innocent bystanders.

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