Anti-Police Activists Harass Community Members Standing Up For Law Enforcement

 July 15, 2021

In Oakland a pro-police, anti-violence march was met with severe pushback by anti-police demonstrators. All while they were calling for a coordinated stand against violence and crime.

Stand Against Violent Crime

A group of friends and family of gun violence crime victims marched with Oakland Police Chie LeRonne Armstrong in an effort to bring attention to ending violent crimes. The peaceful demonstration was met with antifa and anti-police protestors.

The confrontation led to intense arguments between the two groups. The group of crime victim families was made up of 200 black families while the anti- counterprotestors were predominantly white.

The "Stand Up for a Safe Oakland" group marched from the amphitheater to Lakeshore Avenue, where one individual was murdered and six others were hurt on Juneteenth.

“We continue to see shootings every night in the city. It is time we come together and we unite behind reducing gun violence in the city of Oakland. There are people in our community who don’t feel safe. There are seniors in our community who cannot come out at night. There are young, African-American men and Latino men that are at risk in our city.”

Chief Armstrong

Crime Victim Advocates

One of the anti-violence marchers was Brenda Grisham. Her 17-year-old son was killed in 2010 in a shooting. She addressed the crowd during the event, and was one of many family members of victims of gun violence to speak.

Grisham said, " We need your help-we need everyone's help- because we want this to be the safest Oakland that we can possibly make it. It's on all of us to build a safer city."

A few in the group prayed for law enforcement in the city. Regina Jackson, who is part of the civilian-led Oakland Police Commission said, " Anyone that doesn't want a safe Oakland should really just get out. We need people to care about how our young people feel."

Anti-Police Protest

The Anti Police-Terror Project marched in celebration of the Oakland Police Department's defunding of $18 million, claiming they did not know Armstrong was marching that day.

Some protestors even went as far as to say the "Stand Up for a Safe Oakland" group hurt the BLM movement. The group called out the names of those killed in officer-involved incidents, including Oscar Grant, whose mother, Wanda Jackson was attending the pro-police rally.

Watch Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong speak out against violence.

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26 comments on “Anti-Police Activists Harass Community Members Standing Up For Law Enforcement”

  1. It is a good sign that decent people are fighting back against the White Communist /Antifa. These people never were about peace and loving their neighbor. Most are probably bussed and flown in to cause riots, stealing, and destruction of America!

  2. The people who live in the community want the police in their community, how about we defund the police in the communities where they want it defunded and then see what happens

    1. We already saw that in Minneapolis. We also saw it in Seattle! The connection?? Both cities are run by democrats.

  3. I think it's great what they're doing in Oakland. The police need to be supported all over America. It's very sad mothers have lost young ones to Criminal Gun Violence, Young blacks and Latinos are getting guns somewhere, but not legally at a gun store. These underground sources must be eliminated somehow.
    The man speaking in the video spoke of Blacks and Latinos with no mention of Asians or Whites. All races must be included. No exclusions ! I'm sure at least one or two 'Other Races" have been victims in Oakland as well.
    I am ashamed of the ignorant Whites that came out to protest against them. Those ones with that mindset are the problem with our nation and society today. They need serious psychiatric help.

  4. Why do "YOU" make this a "Black & White" issue? How about taking the race card "OUT of your REPORTIN"!!!!!!

  5. Sorry for the Typo; Why do “YOU” make this a “Black & White” issue? How about taking the race card “OUT of your REPORTING"!!!!!

  6. The real white supremists/racists/fascists are the white BLM/antifa rioters, who have killed over 23 people in the riots and committed over 2.5 billion dollars in damage to personal and public property. There has not been any concern over the normal BIPOC in any of this brutality supported by the left goverence. When one looks at the riot etc video there are very few blacks, usually the majority of blacks are the self serving "news people" who sell the videos to the publishers,. The left politicians have enabled, encouraged this carnage, brutality using the unrest to push their narratives, by changing laws in order to host the riots and their minions.

    1. Even when they are arrested liberal judges let them go to cause pain to others another day. If true justice was doled out maybe they would stop.

  7. Most of the shootings and killings are black on black . Where was black TRASH matters ?? If they CARED about black lives , they would have been walking with and supporting this group wanting to end all the shootings !!! The only time black TRASH matters crawls out from under thier rock , is when some black convict fights with police and ends up getting shot . Then it's time for asswipe Al sharton and asswipe Jesse jackson to climb out from under thier rock and then all you hear from black TRASH matters is about ANOTHER lawsuit .

    1. In my area blacks rarely support other blacks. If a black person opens a business and is successful it is because the white support them.
      I will never understand that!

  8. All communities want adequate Police protection!
    Black Communities in particular like in Chicago need
    the Police for safety!
    Every State that defunded the Police is paying a very
    high price! look at New York!!!

    1. In my opinion the gun laws should disappear so that the general public can defend themselves. As it stands now only the crooks have guns and if they are caught committing a crime, the liberal judges just give them a slap on the hand.

  9. Bidens America doesn't work ! If it is his doings , this loser has never been right and the first half of his first year is living proof , open boarders for the cartels , radicals coming ! stopping the keystone pipeline is everyone's loss on everything we buy , ain't that great ! Global warming , nobody's done anything for anyone , but still getting billions of dollars ! Democrates you lose with these un-American politician's , as we all suffer the consequences .

    1. You were right at the beginning of your comment , I believe Biden doesn’t work! That’s why reporters are only allowed to ask questions that are reviewed ahead of time and he has notes on a card so that he can answer. Sure would like to know who is really running the country.

      1. Obama and Harris are running the country!! Why else would Obama come out in support of an IDIOT like Biden!!?? Its his 3rd term, and hes continuing his destruction of America

  10. Take care of BLM, and Antifa, and your taking care of Racism. Because these Thugs Preach Racism with their actions alone.


  12. THER is a lot of ignorance in this world today !!! And if we did not have instigators on tje streets or in this so called political ASS heads COMMUNIST DAMOCRAPS. Would be a good place to start. REASON #1 We all know , well the one's who actually paid attention. That this worthless idiot we have in the whitehouse is there because of a fraudulent election. And DAMOCRAPS ALWAYS a prime source of trouble making. Racist bullshit. What"" America"" so called. Should do is ignore everything said by these idiot DAMOCRAPS. Police need to sit on their thumbs or do something right and help the public ignore the ignorance of those AMERICA destroying idiots. Go to the whitehouse and throw that worthless group the whole damn clan of thugs out of that building. PEEELOUSI oblama HILLARY Sanders you get the point don't forget anyone of them RHINOS to . right now as it stands in my eyes the whitehouse is just a glorified """DOGHOUSE""" SO Call animal control have them bring plenty of extra tranc darts. And start clearing those filthy flea bitten mangey mutts out of there. And get the one with the mask and is always telling everyone to ware one that can kill you itself give her 2 or 3 darts. Make sure she won't bite. And thank God you won't have to hear her howl and bark.

  13. I hope the "left leaning" city council doesn't fire this police chief, for calling for this march! They would do it if they thought it would give them "street credibility".This chief sounds like a good guy, good luck with your city safety project.

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