Teacher Goes Off On Son of Law Enforcement Officers For Wearing Thin Blue Line Mask

By Ethan Cole on
 December 15, 2023

A substitute teacher in Grass Valley, California went ballistic on the 13-year-old son of law enforcement officers for daring to wear a Thin Blue Line mask in his class.

The incident was captured on video and has since gone viral:

In the video, you can see the substitute teacher berate Lucas for wearing the mask and tell him that it's not okay to support law enforcement.

The teacher even goes as far as to say that he's "ashamed" of Lucas and his family.

Needless to say, this bullying behavior by the unhinged substitute teacher is unacceptable.

We must stand up against those who attack our law enforcement officers and their families.

Thank you for your service, Lillar family and especially Lucas for standing with those who stand for others.

Do you support Lucas in wearing a thin blue line mask at school? Let us know in the comments below.

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95 comments on “Teacher Goes Off On Son of Law Enforcement Officers For Wearing Thin Blue Line Mask”

  1. A Grass Valley, California substitute teacher went ballistic on the 13-year-old son of law enforcement officers this week for daring to wear a Thin Blue Line mask in his class.
    Well what did anyone expect from communist teachers they hate the police and everyone that does not agree to their Chinese Communistic ways

    1. I really hate to see a Kid to be trearted this way. I Loved my Kid's and I would knock somebody up against the Head with a Ball Bat if they would mistreat my Kid. I say to the Parent's you are getting just what you Deserve for keep letting your Kid's go to a Public School. All of them or most are Communist Terrorist just like what is running this Country now. You need to Home School your Kid's take them out of that mess.

      1. You make it sound so easy for these people. My daughter and her husband both work just to pay bills, put food on the table. Some people could do it (maybe they could join other parents and set it up). Maybe they just cannot manage and still keep their heads above water. Even my oldest have to have both working. So, I would not say they "deserve" anything...

  2. Thank you Lucas. You've done your family and law abiding, common sense people reason to be proud. Hopefully, this substitute teacher will be released, and never allowed to teach in any school again..
    💙💙 I BACK THE BLUE !! 💙💙

  3. teachers are the root problem in the current situations of hate for the US. glad he lost his job he needed to and all the CRT teaching teachers must go!!! it is racism against white people

      1. Teachers are ruining a generation of young people. Politics has no place in the classroom for any grade school. Colleges today churn out a bunch of good little comrades and it is going to ruin this country. God help these young people. These people are complicit in making America weaker. These people need sent packing and into another line of work. God help you if you were teaching my kid this shit. As a parent I would hand you your ass!!

  4. The parents of that student have every right to beat the shit out of the predator scum bag. Teachers, school boards or ANY MAGGOT WHO LAYS A HAND ON ANY KID MUST BE REMOVED FROM EDUCATION SYSTEM and FORBIDDEN FROM GOING NEAR ANY CHILD. ARREST THE FELON and DESTROY THEM.

  5. Hate has the ability to take away logic and reasoning from individuals. This programed WOKE is the product of hate.

  6. that stupid idiot substitute NON TEACHER hopefully was fired immediately and not ever be allowed into a classroom ever again.... As a retired Law Enforcement Officer myself.
    I find this incident reprehensible to say the very least. Be PROUD of your Dad Sir LUCAS
    You and your Dad are both true American Hero's !!!!!

      1. When I was in school there was an American flag in every classroom and we’d say the Pledge of Allegiance. These teachers ( socialists - communists ) deny our children this right. The TEACHERS are the problem because the unions permeates this teaching. The sad part is that these teachers are our children, neighbors, relatives colleagues and we don’t stand up to them. They teach hate. God bless America!

        1. I agree. I remember when I went to school in the "50", the Bible was read every day. we also pledge the allegiance to our, flag. we, also new the songs that went with it. there were no guns in school. when they spoke, just like at home, it was yes sir, no sir. Our teachers talked to us like they did to our parents. There is another thing, when you are in a tight, scare, you do not know how you will act. so, stop complaining and help them out, when needed or otherwise take pictures. etc. if they say stand back, do it. it is to keep you from getting hurt. "I WAS ASKED THIS QUESTION. DID I LIKE OUR POLICE DEPARTMENT? I SAID YES. WHY. WHEN I NEED THEM, I CALL AND THEY COME? By the way have you ever said a THANK YOU. DO YOU NOT THINK ITS? TIME.

  7. Yea for the son of the policeman. Tell the sub to find another job. He is totally unqualified to be dealing with children.

  8. Get rid of that substitute teacher. He appears to be needing some help, and he fits the left narrative on all things woke... California has become a sad place to raise your kids, or to just live, thinks to Pelosi. Pelosi is a shining example on "why congressional leaders should only be allowed to serve two terms." She has destroyed the integrity of California laws over the past 30-40 years, and it's just real sad. I now have neighbors living near me that have relocated and moved out of California. They can't take the inflation, homelessness, and lack of leadership... Gid rid of all things woke, and let the country breathe and become prosperous again.

  9. I sure the hell DO. Also in this situation, who is doing the bullying.......... Fire this person at once. Lucas may be making a political statement, but he also supports his family. If the teacher can't get that, then it's time to go. I'd like to see the family turn the tables and start humiliating the teacher and principal for their lack of law enforcement.

  10. I am a retired law enforcement officer and Marine. If that was my son, I’d probably get arrested, I’d be in that school office demanding this guy be fired immediately and I’d like to beat the S—T out of him. We have to stand up to these radical, communist, denying freedoms teachers who think they own our children. Even in school, where differences should be entertained, they want to brainwash our children. Get a lawyer.

  11. Too many teachers of today think they have the right to tell the students & parents what they can believe in and what they can't...........They are the evil and corrupt of the lib/dem/rino world...............

  12. These teachers are out of control with their political views.....no one asked for your opinion just tech what is in the books

  13. These leftist / commie self loathing teachers working their part time jobs while collecting health insurance and automatic pay raises for spreading their leftist, affirmative action nonsense must stop. Who are they accountable to? I don't think it's the parents of kids that they are polluting the minds of.

    1. BLM and Anfita has nothing to do with this Teacher. That is two different thing's. You are Ignorant for even bringing this up. This is about what Teacher's are doing in All Public School's.

      1. You are the AH, all he is saying is that is a problem with the US that people are afraid of being up. BLM and Antifa should be banded from our country and no one in the powers has the balls to do do it.

      2. You need to shut up, you have shown your true colors by all of your statements. Anyone who supports Antifa or BLM (Burn, Loot, Mayhem) is just as much of a terrorists as they are.

  14. If the student had been wearing a defund the police shirt and the teacher had been conservative he would probably never be allowed to teach again. The teacher is apparently a flaming liberal probably radicalized by his professors at some college or university. Now the left wing radicals are seeking to radicalize our children as young as grade school. They are attempting to keep the parents from finding out what communist teachings they are instilling in the minds of our young people. It wouldn't surprise me if they were teaching the sayings of Chairman Mao. The question is why are we so damn helpless to do anything about it?

  15. This mask mandate is ridiculous. This particular mask is an expression of choice - support for law enforcement. Shame on Democrats for bringing us to where we are. Shame on Republicans for NOT CALLING OUT every true life example of true racism, corruption and greed. Makes me wonder - why? Fjblgb

    1. What Republican's ? all I see are RepubliRat;s sitting on thier Dead Azzes and drawing a pay check. They have no Brass Ball's to get anything done to help Our Country and the American People.

      1. And do what? Pass all these phony bills so Pelosi and all of her cronies keep getting richer. There is nothing in any of these bills that benefit any of us. Just a bunch of "PORK" spending. You are part of the problem because you voted for these do-nothing clowns. Only in California.

  16. 1st of all, it's freaking ridiculous to claim that the thin blue line, is opposition to racial justice !!!!!!! It has EXACTLY ONE MEANING, that you support the police !!!!!!!
    Hopefully the overweight over sensitive uber liberal will get a good dose of KARMA !!!!!!!!

  17. I made a comment a minute ago. I will say to the Parent's which my Kid's are grown now but I was at thier School quite a bit due to some of the Crap they were letting the Kid's do. Public School's ain't like what I had when I was growing up. Public School's are Trash, they just like the Corrupt, Cheating, Lying, Thieving, Murdering, Communist, Terrorist Organization. They will not change because all the School's and some Collage's are all for this Organizatiion. Parent's needs to think of thier Kid's and pull them out and Home School them. Let these School's go down in the Sewer with the rest of the organization. There is no sense in a Teacher saying anything bad to a Student or treating them bad in anyway. Fire his rear and get your Kid out of the mess.


  19. GOOD WORK LUCAS. America is in danger today just as it was 350 years ago. We need PATRIOTS again to rally, stand and voice their support for the cause of freedom. You are a true patriot. No matter who the enemy is, or how old he/she is, or what their job title is, you stand up, occupy your earned place in the line and defy being forced into submission by anyone.

  20. Proud of you Lucas! Thank your father for me, he works to better the human condition every time he puts on that uniform and many times encounters the dregs of society like that so called "teacher". Give your mom a hug cuz she lives with, as do you the very real knowledge of just how dangerous and ungrateful your dads job can be. You also live with a man who would go to that pos teachers call for assistance. My husband was shaking angry when I read this to him & made a call to the school before I could even finish the news report to let him know the teacher is gone. I sure the hell hope the school board admin there in Nevada county took some other action that follows this teacher in the record to warn any other district thinking of offering employment. I as a momma bear would have most likely either been arrested or at the very least cited by your dad because of my response to this person called a teacher. This "teacher" did teach what not to do. I say go to China and teach English. That country's policies seem to be more in his belief system. This is a wake up to parents as to what is teaching are children. Just like the teacher in Sacto county indoctrinating students for how long? Or Loudin county WV teaching children sick sexual porn. Get involved folks that's the ONLY way we change this. Blessings🌷

  21. Another poor excuse for an educator. I fully support law enforcement, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law! We should all be proud of this boy and his parents. Unfortunately most parents cannot afford to send their kids to private schools, but if they could, there would be no more public schools where brainwashing against our way of life and law enforcement runs rampant. More students need to look at going into the trades instead of to college where the professors push anti American garbage instead of teaching.

  22. I WOULDNT TRUST A COP ! not after reading the supreme court rules cops have every right to lie to u and have no legal responsibility to keep u safe .

  23. That supposed substitute teacher should be immediately fired and listed as a “never hire” list for his mental illness. He is a embarrassment to teaching.

  24. I totally support the student and our Police Officers. I thank them all for their service . This type of behavior by this educator is deplorable and he does not belong in the classroom.

  25. The a**hole substitute should be on his own the next time he needs a cop. Kudos to Lucas for standing up for his Dad and for other policemen!

    1. I was a substitute teacher for many years. I would never have belittled a student for any reason. If you applied to be a substitute you are there to help the teacher who is absent to get his or her students to complete the assignments the that were left for them and to keep order in the classroom. That sub. who belittled that student would have been pulled of the sub list.

  26. The day things seem to get better but it gets worst. The time have come and this generation is showing everyone how hard it's going to get before it's get better. So if you have the heart to have this stop then start relying on the person that made us here on this planet. May he will come to help us take back what is right.

  27. Police should be supported for doing their job. Teachers that are obnoxiously woke should not be supported!

  28. This does not surprise me in this upside down country we are living in. Yes, there will be rogue officers, just like there are good and bad in every step of life. Wake up country, your "woke" attitude is just bringing in more crime, not more peace and it seems you are all too stupid to open your eyes to the harm you are doing. No one should be mistreated, but at the same time, we are all entitled to follow our own faith and everyone should just mind their own business. No one group is more entitled than another. No one group is "special". You can treat one with respect even if you don't agree with them. You don't have to like everyone - you shouldn't have to deal with people you don't like. If you are an artist, or a creative person of any skill, you shouldn't be forced to create something that goes against your comfort zone, no reason needed. If so, then you are endorsing slavery.

  29. I sure hope the substitute teacher got fired on the spot. I support Law Enforcement and First Responders 100%
    They have gotten a raw deal since Biden has been in office.

  30. Anyone who hates Police persons and shows hatred like this should not be in any kind of a teaching position.

  31. Yes I support Law Enforcement and that teacher should have been fired on the spot & not allowed to be a substitute in any other school in that County or City or whatever the perimeters were!

  32. This so called teacher should be fired...a teacher is there to teach not to brainwash or sprout their political views!

  33. Liberals are stupid and ruining the country. We are not respected worldwide now. We need police to be respected now. It is never okay for a teacher or other authority figure to take it out on a child for their parents job or their own opinion.

  34. Make sure the fat ass loser "teacher" never has contact with normal kids in a school system ever again. The "racial justice" is a racial fraud perpetuated to destroy American values and organized by the DNC, BLM, ANTIFA and dirty, Communist, Anarchist George Soros money. This trash will lose big time in the next election.

  35. He has the right to wear or display whatever he wants to. I am so sick of this WOKE I could throw up.


  37. You go, Lucas! You have the right to stand up and show your support for not just law enforcement, but ALL first responders nationwide. Stand tall and proud!

  38. The teacher is a bully and a schmuck!!! Get rid of WOKE TEACHERS!!!!! I Stand with the young man, he's a True American Patriot 🇺🇸

  39. I am proud of this young man. My Grandfather was a police officer. A uncle and his sons were officers. My husband was a shore patrol officer in the Coast Guard for a time and I am still proud of their service. I am really proud to say my daughter works for the Police department where we live. There are 4 people in the office including her. The Chief, the
    captain and a officer, She is secretary, file clerk and office cleaning lady. It's a small office in a small town. But she makes me proud every day when she leaves for work that can be hard and nit picky. And she does her work to the fullest

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